WIAW- Carb Refeed
Green Protein Smoothie
La Tour Eiffel
Turkey burger, mashed sweet potato, grilled zucchini
Raspberry papaya smoothie
Carrot cake oats
Chocolate banana smoothie bowl
Sara at AMIS
Chocolate chickpea protein pancakes
Snack: Vanilla chia oat pudding with fresh strawberries & cacao nibs, over mashed sweet potatoes... sounds weird till you try it!
Protein Ice Cream
Blueberry dragonfruit smoothie bowl with cacao nibs & walnuts
Dragonfruit & broccoli leaf smoothie
Chocolate tofu protein ice cream
Raw onion walnut bread with veggies & cashew cheese
Fish tacos
Fresh berries, banana oat cookie
Red lady papaya
Chickpea omelette, baked tofu, salad
Cherry Beetroot Smoothie Bowl
Dark cherry chocolate beetroot smoothie
Mixed berry tofu nice cream
Chocolate chip hemp energy bite
Chickpea pancakes with almond butter & banana
Flatbread with egg, hummus & salad
Cheese board
Chocolate Overnight Oats with Banana, Strawberries, Walnuts. & Chia Seeds
Beet chips
Curried pumpkin soup with tofu & rice, salad, buck
Banana oat cookie with strawberry cashew cream & fresh strawberries
Banana berry smoothie
Cherry cranberry smoothie
Dark cherry beetroot smoothie
Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie
Breakfast: green smoothie bowl with random toppings
Smoothie bowl
Post-workout meal: rye bread with camote falafel, over easy egg, tahini dressing, & chopped tomato.  Green smoothie!
Green smoothie
Strawberries, grapes, dragonfruit
Sea  bass & spinach
Banana oat cookie with almond butter, fruit
Apple & pear slices
Camote falafel with curried tahini sauce, kale salad with dried cranberries, red onion & pistachios
Pink smoothie (beetroot & mango)
Chickpea pancakes with hummus & hot sauce
Chia breakfast pudding with mangoes
I topped it with fresh banana slices, unsweetened coconut, and Kind granola
Anniversary dessert
Colorado Wildflowers
This is my perfect breakfast
Even the green ones are orange inside!  But they will take a few more days to fully ripen...
The perfect pre-workout breakfast