What I Ate Wednesday

Stop the presses!!! I didn’t eat a banana oat cookie for breakfast today!!!

And I do admit I feel kind of weird about it.

Chocolate peanut butter almond meal muffin

I’m a creature of habit, and when I get a good thing going, I usually stick with it.  Like my beloved green smoothie and banana oat cookies for breakfast.  But I ate the last cookie without having time to make more!  It happens.  So this morning I had a new concoction of mine: the chocolate peanut butter almond meal muffin.  It was in all fairness a good substitute! I made these with the leftover pulp from making the almond milk, along with cacao powder, peanut butter, oats, & maple syrup.  Only 100 calories, but a whopping 4 grams of protein per muffin!

Green smoothie

And of course I had my “new favourite” green smoothie, which is basically my old favourite, with a teaspoon of spirulina & a teaspoon of hemp seeds.  These additions boost the nutritional content by leaps and bounds, and also make it this gorgeous bluish-green colour.

Papaya & carrot smoothie bowl

After the workout, I made a smoothie bowl (yes, without eating an espresso energy ball, I’m not sure how I managed that!) out of frozen papaya, carrot, silken tofu, vegan protein powder, & fresh coconut water.  Even as I type this, I know it sounds bizarre, but the end result was great… sweet, creamy, even tropical.  I topped it with a few pumpkin seeds, almond & coconut flakes for added crunch.

Chickpea omelette, baked tofu, salad

Lunch was a bunch of leftovers… I love that!  I had a couple slices of chickpea omelette with spinach & red bell pepper, topped with hummus & cilantro chili cream.  Alongside I had some slabs of zatar baked tofu topped with pickled red onions, and a lot of salad.  After I took the pic, I sprinkled the whole things with balsamic glaze.

The afternoon got a bit crazy, what with shopping for Sara’s birthday party favours and still making it downtown to school for Tommy’s middle school band concert.  I packed my dinner to go… the only sensible thing to do!  I knew I’d be away from 3pm til 9 or later.  I hate being hungry, but even more, I hate eating food with no real value, which is sometimes what you wind up eating when your choices are limited & you’re starving.

Salad with baked tofu, boiled egg, & chickpeas

So I packed up another salad with the rest of the baked tofu, half a can of chickpeas, some hard boiled eggs, & the balsamic dressing.  I also threw in a chunk of baguette to fill me up.  This took me about 5 minutes to pack, and I was so happy I did!


Because I don’t feel quite right without eating something sweet after dinner (even if I eat it at 4:45 pm like I did yesterday!) I also brought along these goodies: another chocolate PB muffin (good for breakfast, good for dessert!), an espresso energy bite, and a square of 70% dark chocolate.

I could have eaten something else when we got home at 9:30pm… but I was more tired than anything.  And I love waking up hungry… more banana oat cookies!  If I remembered to make them…

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