My Great Smoothie Adventure

Hello friends! Recently I had the great good fortune to receive a huge box of goodies from RealFood… a local store here in Alabang that opened a little over a year ago and specialises in healthy, locally-sourced, “real food” products.  This store is such a wonderful addition to our grocery options here.  Prior to their opening, we could get a) expensive imported products, or b) regular grocery store items. RealFood is committed to providing healthy products from local vendors at fair prices, and they do an amazing job.  They carry everything from sustainably-produced protein powders to chia seeds, cacao nibs, every coconut product imaginable, healthy snacks, locally-made energy balls, tempeh, vegetarian products, gluten-free products, free-range, organic meats, and much more. …

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Easy Oatmeal Pancakes

Easy, healthy, and hearty pancakes full of whole grain and fiber, with a make-ahead option… perfect for every day of the week!

My New Favourite Green Smoothie

Hello friends! This beautiful green smoothie will refresh & replenish you, no matter how blistering it is outside. It’s getting hot, hot HOT here in Manila, although I see from my weather app that it’s still blessedly cool in some parts of the world.  It’s not like we really have Spring here.  It pretty much…

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Cinnamon Oat Energy Bites

These little cinnamon oat energy bites will not only remind you of biting into a soft, chewy oatmeal cookie… but they’re also hugely portable, full of energising carbs and perfect for on-the-go snacks. This weekend we’re housing athletes from Taipei American School for the international track meet (IASAS- International Association for Southeast Asian Schools) that…

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Our Swiss Adventure

Hello friends! We’re just back from a week in beautiful Switzerland!  We hiked, we skied, we stuffed ourselves with fondue and chocolate crepes… and oh, the adventures we lived to tell about!

My Daily Supplement Routine

Hi folks!  The other day I saw a friend in the health food store, and she was fascinated to see what I had in my basket.  “What supplements are you buying?” she asked.  “And what should I buy?” This is actually the most common nutrition question I’m asked, after, “Should I avoid carbs?” (NO!) The…

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