My Great Smoothie Adventure

Hello friends! Recently I had the great good fortune to receive a huge box of goodies from RealFood… a local store here in Alabang that opened a little over a year ago and specialises in healthy, locally-sourced, “real food” products.  This store is such a wonderful addition to our grocery options here.  Prior to their opening, we could get a) expensive imported products, or b) regular grocery store items. RealFood is committed to providing healthy products from local vendors at fair prices, and they do an amazing job.  They carry everything from sustainably-produced protein powders to chia seeds, cacao nibs, every coconut product imaginable, healthy snacks, locally-made energy balls, tempeh, vegetarian products, gluten-free products, free-range, organic meats, and much more.  If you live in this area, you really must check them out… they’re located in Molito shopping centre just down from Omakase restaurant.

So imagine my delight when they asked me to create healthy smoothie recipes using products from their store… and then a giant box of fresh produce and yummy add-ins showed up the next day!  I had sooo much fun whipping up smoothies of every kind, and (I think!) Mark & the kids enjoyed being my taste-testers.

I created seven different smoothies and one decadent smoothie bowl… something for everyone!

For the die-hard green smoothie lovers:

Kale cashew green protein smoothie

This rich, creamy green smoothie tastes light and fresh thanks to the kale & pineapple.  It’s filled with protein, carbs, and healthy fats… perfect for post-workout or a light meal.

1 cup kale, ribs removed (not packed)

1/3 cup raw cashews

1 t. maca powder

1 T. vanilla protein powder

½ cup pineapple

1 large banana

handful of ice

water to not quite cover

Blend and enjoy!  Makes one large serving.

Pre-workout pineapple ginger green smoothie

 This smoothie is light, zingy, and super refreshing. Full of antioxidants and quick-acting carbs, it will energize you pre-workout without weighing you down.

1 cup spinach leaves

1 cup pineapple

½ t. spirulina

¼ t. ginger powder

1 cup buko juice (coconut water)

handful of ice

Blend and enjoy!  Makes one large serving.

For a “beginner” green smoothie:

Tropical green protein smoothie

Bursting with zingy pineapple & mango flavor, this creamy smoothie is a perfect “beginner greenie”, as the green taste disappears in all the tropical goodness.  

 ½ mango, diced

1 large or 2 baby bananas

½ cup pineapple

½ cup kale, ribs removed (or 1 T. kale powder)

2 T. “Recovery Greens”protein powder (or any vanilla or vanilla/greens protein powder)

¼ cup light coconut milk

¾ cup buko juice (coconut water)

handful of ice

Blend and enjoy!  Makes one large serving.

Sweet and creamy smoothies everyone will love:

Banana maca coconut smoothie

This is a creamy, dreamy smoothie that’s rich yet light thanks to a combination of coconut & almond milk. It’s full of potassium, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you going for hours.

2 large bananas or 4 baby bananas

1 T. maca powder

½ avocado

1 T. chia seed

½ cup light coconut milk

½ cup almond milk

handful of ice

Blend and enjoy!  Makes one large serving.

Mango banana smoothie

This beautiful yellow smoothie is full of Vitamin C and potassium, as well as anti-oxidants and fiber.  But you’ll never think about that with all the creamy sweet goodness you’re tasting!

1 mango, diced

1/2 large banana

1 t. ginger powder

1 t. chia seed

2 T. vanilla protein powder

¼ cup light coconut milk

¾ cup buko juice (coconut water)

handful of ice

Blend and enjoy! Makes one large serving.

Pink pitaya pineapple smoothie

This gorgeous pink smoothie is sweet, creamy, and secretly packed with protein & anti-oxidants.  But no one will guess it… they’ll just think they’re drinking a pink bubblegum milkshake!

1 cup pineapple

1 small banana

½ scoop vanilla protein powder

2 T. pink pitaya powder (powdered dragonfruit… you can sub 1/4 cup fresh or frozen dragonfruit)

1/2 cup buko juice (coconut water)

1/2 cup almond milk

handful of ice

Blend and enjoy! Makes one large serving.

These could easily substitute for desserts!

Chocolate almond butter smoothie

Who wants a healthy smoothie that tastes like a decadent milkshake? Answer: EVERYONE! This yummy smoothie will fool even your most picky eaters into thinking they’re indulging in something naughty, when really, it’s the nicest thing ever, filled with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

2 frozen bananas, cut in chunks

1 T. cocoa powder

2 T. chocolate protein powder

2 T. almond butter

1/4 avocado

2/3 cup almond milk

Blend and enjoy! Makes one large serving.

Cinnamon almond coconut smoothie bowl

Rich and creamy, flavored with caramel & cinnamon, this refreshing smoothie bowl tastes decadent but is filled with healthy ingredients.  Perfect for summertime snacking!

4 dates

¼ cup cashews

2 T. almond butter

2 frozen bananas, cut in chunks

2 T. coconut yogurt

1 T. maca powder

1 t cinnamon

2-3 T. coconut milk

Blend and enjoy!  Top with cacao nibs and toasted flaked almond (or anything you like!) Makes 2 servings.

Try one!  Try them all!  Let me know how you like them.  All the ingredients are available at RealFood.  And for those of you not fortunate enough to live in the area, but fortunate enough to have access to your own healthy stores, I think you can find everything you need.  Enjoy, friends!

All smoothie ingredients sponsored by RealFood.  Recipes and opinions are all my own.

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