Brownie Baked Oatmeal

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Hello friends!  I’m hoping that this brownie baked oatmeal will help me pull out of the blogging slump I’ve been in lately.  And if it doesn’t, I’m not sure anything will! This yummy little treat is:

  • chewy,
  • rich,
  • dense,
  • moist,
  • extra chocolatey,
  • and everything a brownie should be.  In a healthy baked oatmeal. What could be better?!

To be honest, my bodybuilding diet (especially during the cutting phase, which I’m currently in) is pretty structured and routine, and I just haven’t created too many culinary delights I’ve considered worth sharing.  But when I think about it, I’m creating recipes all the time… recipes that “fit my macros”… meaning that they’re packed with nutrition while not going overboard in fats, carbs, or proteins. All too often I see a great-looking recipe that, upon closer inspection, I would never actually make because it simply has too much sugar or fat. I’m all for the ultimate decadence once in awhile, but for my everyday food, I like to know that its delicious-ness factor isn’t breaking my calorie bank, know what I mean?

Shall we get onto the brownie (baked oatmeal) then?

I’ve been making this recipe for about a year now, and of course made a few tweaks along the way.  It’s pretty much a no-brainer to make, using ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now: oats, cocoa powder, banana, egg whites, & milk of choice.  I also add protein powder to up the protein content, but feel free to leave it out.  And I throw in some pumpkin puree for extra potassium… but again, if all you have is bananas, just go for it.

I usually top mine with powdered peanut butter (mixed with a little water to make a sauce), and cacao nibs.  Toasted walnuts or chocolate chips would be fab too… or I’m sure you can come up with your own amazing combo.

Bottom line, this brownie baked oatmeal is easily one of my favourite healthy snacks (or breakfast!) that makes me feel like I’m eating dessert. It’s portable too… perfect for travelling or just when you know you’ll be out of the house for several hours and needing something to tide you over.

I hope it becomes one of your favourites as well.  Let me know if you make it, I’d love to hear from you.  Cheers, friends!




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