What I Ate Wednesday

Hello friends, we’re back in the groove… of school, bootcamp, life!!  It feels good.


Waking up at 4:30 doesn’t feel too good, though, but that’s what it takes for me to get myself together and have coffee & quiet time before getting the kids up at 5.  It’s early!  But I try not to complain, and the coffee & quiet time helps.

Pumpkin banana oat cookies

I’m back to my beloved banana oat cookies for breakfast… I missed these guys soooo much over the summer!  I didn’t have them every day and it just felt strange.  So hello banana oat cookies & hello routine!  I love you both.  This time I added some pumpkin in with the mashed banana… a whole new dimension!

Green smoothie

I also had my favourite green smoothie, of course!  Now that I’m back in the land of no-berries, my green smoothies are always super green because I use pineapple instead of blueberries.  I’ve also been adding a tablespoon of hemp seeds and a teaspoon of spirulina to amp up the protein, healthy fats, & vitamins.

Chocolate Tofu Nice Cream

It was too rainy to do much of an outdoor workout, so I did an indoor jump rope/pushup/squat circuit that worked every muscle in my body.  I was pretty hungry by the time I cooled down, but didn’t have much time before Bible study, so I whipped up this chocolate tofu nice cream & wolfed it down as fast as I could without getting brain freeze.  This concoction contains half a block of silken tofu, a scoop of Vega One chocolate protein powder, 1/2 a frozen banana, some ice, and a couple of tablespoons of almond milk.  It was soooo creamy & smooth and I could practically feel the nutrients refilling my tired muscles.

Chickpea egg salad, seitan, tomatoes

I had a late lunch while watching the men’s Olympic gymnastics team finals.  Watching the guys compete is always so motivating, so I wanted to be extra-healthy (even for me!) I ate this plate filled with chickpea “egg-less” salad topped with chopped avocado, leftover sauteed seitan, some cherry tomatoes, & a few Finn crisp crackers.  I meant to have some dragonfruit, but never went back to the kitchen to get it.


So I ate it later while I made the rest of the dragonfruits into sorbet… Dragonfruit… it’s one of the most gorgeous foods on the face of the earth, and as delicious as it is beautiful.  I was lucky enough to score 4 kg this week, so in addition to eating one fresh every time I want, I have enough to freeze for smoothies and make into sorbet.  Nice!

Black bean portobello quinoa burger

Dinner was a last-minute idea that’s been my best one of the week: black bean & portobello mushroom burgers!  I used quinoa as the carb filler along with some quick oats, and flax egg to bind it.  The whole thing took less than 30 minutes to make and was a real winner.  I also roasted one of my (sniff) last sweet potatoes that I brought back with me from the US.

Peanut butter freezer fudge

My final treat for the day was this yummy piece of chocolate peanut butter freezer fudge.  It’s completely vegan and completely delicious.  Luckily the kids like it too so I get to make it frequently… and then conveniently I “never know” who ate the last piece.

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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