What I Ate Monday

Have you ever been a day ahead??

Mostly I feel a day behind, but getting ready for my trip to the U.S. makes me feel a day ahead… literally.  We’re 14 hours ahead of U.S. Mountain Time, and it still kind of boggles my mind that I can get on a plane at 9:20 in the morning on Wednesday in Manila, fly for 20 hours, and still land at 2:30 in the afternoon in Denver.  Still on Wednesday.

That’s time travel to me.

Sooo, in honour of that, and considering the fact that “What I Ate Wednesday” will be 20 hours of banana oat cookies, almonds, and picked-at airplane food, I’m giving you “What I Ate Monday.”  To get ahead, ya know?

Banana oat cookie, fruit & green smoothie

Monday is a bootcamp day, so I eat lightly in the morning.  Bring on the green smoothie, banana oat cookie with almond butter, and a couple slices of fruit.

Camote & pecans

After bootcamp I taught a cooking class, which I don’t normally do on Mondays… because of bootcamp, of course.  But this was a reschedule due to my trip, so as I prepped for the class, I snacked on one of the extra camotes (local sweet potato) and pecans.  I wasn’t as hungry as usual as I only had one bootcamp class instead of two.

Who needs bootcamp when you can mash camote falafel??
Who needs bootcamp when you can mash camote falafel??

But cooking is exercise too!!  We laughed our heads off in class as we realised we were working up a sweat mashing up the camotes and chickpeas with the potato masher.  Yes, we took turns to get it all done.  TOO FUN!!!  The delicious end result: camote falafel with curried tahini sauce, balsamic roasted beetroot with tarragon & fresh mint, arugula salad with red onion, dried cherries, & pistachios, and for dessert: chocolate glazed peanut butter oat squares.  Everything was vegan and if you chose not to have the pita, also gluten-free.  So yummy.

Cooking class lunch... we cook, then we eat!
Cooking class lunch… we cook, then we eat!

After class I packed for my trip.  I laughed when I noticed that my stack of workout clothes was taller than my stack of real clothes!

Post run smiles

Tommy & I went for a short but quick run when he got home from school.  He’s the only one without an after-school activity on Mondays, so we like to work out together, playing tennis or just going for a run.

Banana chocolate chip snack bar with chocolate peanut butter

I thought his bus was going to be late so I ate this banana chocolate chip bar with chocolate peanut butter while waiting for the bus.  Then the bus wasn’t late so I wound up running with it sitting in my stomach.  Umm… not good.  But then Tommy had had a cookie on the bus so we were in the same boat.  We survived the run and were none the worse off for it.

Camote falafel with curried tahini sauce, kale salad with dried cranberries, red onion & pistachios

Dinner was a reprise of the cooking class lunch.  I’m often so inspired by what we cook that I re-do it for dinner.  So please try not to be bored by another picture of the camote falafel!  This time though, I made kale salad and put dried cranberries in it, and added the leftover roasted beets and goat cheese, because we discussed this at lunch and decided it would be a fab flavour combination.  It was.

Trail mix cookie

I finished off with this trail mix cookie, an old recipe but probably one I should give you.  It’s filled with nuts, seeds, dried fruit… and chocolate.  Because I obviously can’t get enough chocolate into my life!

It was a good day all around, and I’m still ahead.  We’ll see if I still feel that way the evening before my flight…

See you in the U.S., everybody!

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