What I Ate Tuesday

Sometimes people are shocked by how much I eat.

I’m not a large person.  By Western standards anyway.  Of course by Filipino standards I’m still an XL, but I just can’t let that get to me…

I’ve been posting regularly “What I Ate Wednesday,” and Wednesdays (along with Mondays and Fridays) are heavy training days for me… about 6 hours of my weekly workouts occur on these days, what with the bootcamp classes, high-intensity cardio, and often, tennis with my son.  So yes, I’m hungry!!

But here’s the thing: everyone has their own individual calorie needs, based on their body’s metabolism.  Several factors play into metabolism: height, weight, age, gender, body fat percentage (and therefore muscle mass), and activity level.  (Actually, how much and how often you eat also plays into it, though that’s a subject for another post.)  Although I’m not a large person, I’m active and have a lot of muscle relative to my size.  So even though I’m 45 years old, and a woman, my calorie needs are high.  How high?  Well, I don’t know the exact number.  I don’t count calories.  But I must be eating the right amount for me, because I maintain my weight and enjoy a high energy level.

But just so you can see what happens to my food intake on my “non-heavy” training days, I thought I’d let you see “What I Ate Tuesday”…  here you go:

Pink smoothie (beetroot & mango)

Once a week I DON’T have my favourite green smoothie.  I have my favourite pink smoothie instead.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s made with fresh juice (a combination of beetroot, carrot, cucumber, jicama, & green apple), soy milk, banana, and frozen mango.  Ok, yes… it is labor intensive and makes a huge mess in the kitchen.  Do I still love it?  Yup!  And so do the kids, even knowing the beet is in there.  I feel like I win every time I serve it.

Banana oat cookie with almond butter, sliced fruit

Along with my smoothie I had a banana oat cookie smeared with almond butter, and some sliced fruit, including this gorgeous red dragon fruit.

Fresh buko

After a brisk 10k walk with my friends, I rehydrated with some fresh buko juice.

Banana slice, apples with chocolate hummus

Then at Bible study I snacked on some apple slices with Alexis’ chocolate hummus, and this fab banana slice made by my friend Jude.

Broccoli cheese soup, green beans, cheese, pumpkin seed roll

I was starving by the time I got home, so I had an early lunch of leftover broccoli cheese soup, steamed green beans, cheese, and a whole wheat pumpkin seed roll.

Pear & pecans

I finished it off with a fresh pear & some toasted pecans.

The afternoon blew by filled with dentist appointments and a fish funeral, none of which is conducive to eating, so I found myself ravenous for dinner.

Halibut with pesto, mashed potatoes, Greek salad

Luckily I had planned something quick & easy: baked halibut with homemade (leftover, love what you find in the fridge sometimes!) pesto, mashed potatoes, and Greek salad.  Fresh and satisfying!

Vegan banana chocolate chip muffin

After dinner I ate this vegan banana chocolate chip muffin that I’d been thinking about while at the dentist.  It tasted awesome with my newly-cleaned choppers!

So… was this any less than I eat on Wednesdays?  I don’t think so!!  Bottom line is, I eat a lot and I eat it frequently.  Works for me!!

How is your appetite and do you feel like you eat a lot or a little for your size?


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