The Expat Dietitian is Back!

Hello friends!

After 22 months away, I’m back!! I’ve missed you all, and I’ve missed connecting with you here. After my gingerbread pancake post at Christmas-time of 2020, a LOT happened in the life of the Lwin family, and I just didn’t have the time or mental capacity to write, for months on end. Meanwhile, my little blog was still busily “auto-updating” itself until I couldn’t even write on it anymore. How cheeky. 

Once I discovered this, I made a few weak stabs at “fixing” it, which is completely laughable considering what a thin margin of understanding I had of its technological components in the first place. Granted, I did manage to set it up on my own, but that was in 2015 and it was version 1.1 back then. Now it’s on 8.2.3 or something?? So I left it alone for a while, hoping it would update itself to a version I could understand.  Also laughable, because how many things ever become easier or more simple as time goes on? I’ll tell you- not many. Then I thought very seriously about shutting the whole thing down and letting The Expat Dietitian fade to a distant memory of the cyber-world.  But as I was considering this, I read through almost all my old blog posts. And I actually thought some of them were still kind of cute! (Surprising, given my penchant for editing and changing all my work, both recipes and writing.) But reading back over my blog made me remember how much I really enjoy doing it, how it makes me feel connected to the larger community, and how sometimes ideas for new posts dictate themselves into my head as I’m going for a run or swimming laps. That’s how much I love it.  I reckoned it would be a shame to let the whole thing go.

So I hired some tech guys half my age, gave them my password and a bunch of money, and voila!  My website got a nice little face-lift!  It has a fresh look, easier navigation, and best of all, I can actually write on the blog. Amazing! I do have so many yummy new recipes for you, because even though I didn’t write for the past 2 years, I certainly did cook. And bake. And eat.

So welcome back to my little internet kitchen! I’m glad we’re together again. Here’s to cooking and eating in the most joyful and healthful way possible. Let me know what you would like to see and talk about in this space; hearing from you makes my day. Cheers, friends!

19 thoughts on “The Expat Dietitian is Back!”

    1. Emi Ostrander

      Great blog
      Glad I discovered it
      Looking forward to reading your blog
      I’m a professional chef and looking for healthy recipes

  1. I was literally just thinking about your breakfast cookies and thought I’d pop on to find the recipe. What perfect timing — how wonderful to see your snazzy new website (it looks fab!) and to see your smiling face. Very glad you’re back blogging again, cousin! Xoxo

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