What I Ate Wednesday

Lately I’ve been waking up early… I mean super early.

Like when I wake up after 4:30 I feel like I “slept in.”  Is this a hormonal thing or something??  It’s not like I set my alarm, I just open my eyes feeling like it should be 6am or some more reasonable hour.  And while sometimes it’s handy, for example being functional and even happy as I wake the kids up for school at 5:30, it’s not so great at the other end of the day.  Staying awake past 9:15pm calls for truly extraordinary measures.

No wonder I eat 15 times before noon!

Or so it seems…

Morning coffee

I always have coffee, not because I need the caffeine, but because I love the routine.  One cup, warm and comforting, while I do my morning quiet time.



Breakfast number 1 was fruit and these almond meal muffins made with the leftover pulp from my almond milk.  And the green smoothie, of course.  I feel kind of wrong if I don’t have this in the morning.

Chickpea pancake with sunbutter, mango & coconut

I was absolutely ravenous after bootcamp!  I made a chickpea pancake using soy milk instead of water, and topped it with sunbutter, diced mangoes, coconut… and a little drizzle of maple syrup.  I ploughed through it and it kept me full for the next 5 hours while I answered emails and bought airline tickets to visit my Pa in Colorado next week.

Veggie sandwich

My late lunch consisted of a sandwich- a sandwich, of all things!  I was so surprised that this sounded good to me because I very rarely eat sandwiches.  But this was the mother of all veggie sammies: homemade pesto, a juicy tomato, fresh basil, shredded carrots, red pepper, a dab of guac, some spinach leaves, a slice of leftover tofu, a few pickled onions… sounds like a weird combo but it melded together amazingly on fresh ciabatta for a drippy, crunchy, creamy, completely delicious concoction.  I had to squish it together to get it into my mouth.

Salted chocolate chia bar

I followed it up with a salted chocolate chia bar, recipe by Alexis of Hummusapien.  Even though the picture is fuzzy, it was totally delicious and satisfied my chocolate craving in a completely healthy way- these bars contain nothing but almonds, walnuts, dates, coconut, cocoa powder, & chia seeds.  Yum.

Puy lentils, roasted potatoes, asparagus with tahini dressing

You wouldn’t even think I’d be hungry for dinner… but not eating dinner just doesn’t seem right.  Right??  I made beef kebabs for the family, and I had everything that went with it: roasted potatoes, asparagus with curried tahini sauce, and leftover Puy lentils that I cooked the other night.

Dragonfruit sorbet

And look what I did with the leftover dragonfruit mojitos!  Sorbet!  It was a great way to end Wednesday and start a 4-day weekend… Happy long weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. Totally understand about the coffee and the routine of it. I generally only drink one cup of coffee a day which I have every morning when I get back from walking the dogs. This is about 6.30am and I just love the routine of sitting quietly on my own with my coffee in the peace of the garden before they rest of the day starts.

    1. Jacklyn, yes, being a naturally early riser is SO good for being in school! But it makes for some short nights those times you wanna go out, lol. That’s what I reckon naps are for! 😉 I’m still thinking about that sandwich…

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