What I Ate Wednesday

So I think you can assume by now that I had my green smoothie and a banana oat cookie with almond butter first thing this morning!  I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my first breakfast: it’s quick, easy, healthy, and sits well with me during bootcamp, or any exercise.  That’s always a good thing!

Cherry Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

After bootcamp I took a long walk with a friend and came home starving.  I made this smoothie bowl with frozen dark cherries, half a frozen banana, 1/3 of a block of organic silken tofu, 1/2 a scoop of vegan protein powder, 1 T. each of flax meal & acai powder, a slice of fresh beet, and about 2 T. almond milk.  Then I topped it with chopped pecans, raw cacao nibs, & coconut flakes.  Lately I’ve been more conscious of getting adequate protein after a hard workout… muscles refuel best with a ratio of about 1:4 protein to carb.  So that’s why the tofu & vegan protein powder in my post-workout snacks.  We’re lucky here because our tofu isn’t genetically modified.

Espresso Energy Bite

Along with my smoothie bowl I had this little “espresso energy bite” that I concocted earlier in the week from dates, walnuts, cocoa powder, almond butter, and some other things… I’ll give you the recipe because they are truly amazing.

Then I ran off to an online business seminar hosted by my friend Ana, a marketing and entrepreneurial expert.  In her 3-part series for ex-pat women on beginning & marketing an online business, I’m getting all kinds of fabulous ideas on how to give you, my cherished readers, more in the realm of nutrition and fitness… so stay tuned in the coming months for some exciting things!

Chickpea Pancake with fried egg, hummus, salad, & tomato jam

Of course I was ravenous when I got home… I made myself a chickpea pancake with spring onions, and topped it with practically everything: a fried egg, some hummus, half a chopped tomato, a few spoonfuls of chili jam, & some shredded lettuce & cilantro.  I was still hungry when that was gone so I had the rest of the tomato with more hummus & a few pumpkin seeds.

I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, baking the cakes for Tommy’s birthday party this weekend.  He ordered a “castle” cake and I’ve got the picture in my head… it won’t involve any chickpeas or chia seeds, I promise.

Baked chili tofu, brown rice, cabbage salad with edamame & mint

Dinner was quick & simple: baked marinated tofu (soy sauce, calamansi juice, & chili garlic sauce), brown rice, & shredded cabbage salad with steamed edamame & chopped peanuts.

Chocolate chia pudding

And for dessert… because there’s always dessert at my house… chocolate chia pudding!  I previewed it for tomorrow’s cooking class, and the kids’ verdict??  Thumbs up!  Even without the coconut whipped cream…

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