Mango Banana Smoothie

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Mango Banana Smoothie

As much as I’m looking forward to home leave at this point in the season, I admit I do get a bit misty when I think of going all summer without Philippine mangoes.  My whole family loves them, and I think we eat our way through at least 15 or 20 per week… not kidding!  We devour them fresh, I bake them into muffins & cakes, and whatever is left at the end of the week, we freeze for smoothies, and nothing ever seems to go to waste.

Even the green ones are orange inside! But they will take a few more days to fully ripen...
Even the green ones are orange inside! But they will take a few more days to fully ripen…

So I thought it would be selfish of me to keep all these lovely mango recipes to myself and not share at least one with you before I go home for summer.  This mango banana smoothie is quick, easy, and downright delicious.  It’s thick enough to be called ice cream, (or soft serve at least, for you die-hard scoopers)… and naturally sweet thanks to the mango and banana.

Mango Banana Smoothie

Speaking of which, please don’t be put off by the seemingly large amount of carbohydrate in this smoothie!  Yes, it does have a fair amount, and yes, it’s almost all from the fruit sugars.  There’s a big outcry in the media these days that fructose is bad for you.  It is… if it’s processed as high fructose corn syrup and added back to “fruit juice drinks” and ketchup and bread and all kinds of things you would never imagine it would (or should!) be in.  But the fructose in whole fruit… well you just go right on ahead with my blessings!!  Besides, the sugar absorption will be slowed down plenty by the whopping 5 grams of fiber that this golden beauty of a smoothie also provides!

Mango Banana Smoothie

You may be wondering why I added turmeric to a smoothie… isn’t that usually a curry spice??  Yes, and no.  These days you can add turmeric to just about anything- it’s kind of like chickpeas in that way!  Kidding.  But seriously, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and recent studies show that it may be useful as an adjunct treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and other inflammatory-related illnesses.  It also adds a gorgeous yellow colour that truly enhances the beauty of the mangoes.  Can’t argue with that!

Mango Banana Smoothie

Now, I know the question lingering in your minds is, “Can I make this smoothie even though I don’t have luscious Philippine mangoes??”  The answer is YES… you BETTER!!  Just use whatever mangoes your country happens to import (or grow!!), and your smoothie will be delish.  I promise.

But if you’re gonna ask, “Bex, can you bring me over some Philippines mangoes?”… well, I can’t promise that.

6 thoughts on “Mango Banana Smoothie”

  1. Ohhhh, except I would have to pay 7-10 Euros per piece of tree ripened mango here! So now moving to apricot season instead;-))

  2. Good morning, you have wonderful smoothies, is there also a recipe somewhere?
    We will change our recipe, smoothie via bread. Ha ha ha

    1. Hi Wolfgang, thank you so much! Yes, you should be able to see the recipe at the very end of the blog post if you scroll all the way down. And yes, recipes for your delicious bread… sounds like a good deal to me!! 😉

  3. Want to be adventurous? Try making smoothie out of green mango.Yup, it’s the unripened one. Just add water and sugar according to your taste. It’s something that’s exotically refreshing! Plus it has fiber and Vit C!

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