What I Ate Wednesday

Hi folks!  Back to the regular edition of WIAW…

Green smoothie

I woke up starving!  I had my usual green smoothie…

AB& J banana oat cookies

But I added to my breakfast by putting almond butter and blueberry jam on my banana oat cookies.  Yum!  I’m normally not a fan of any sort of PB& J combination but this hit the spot.

Flatbread with egg, hummus & salad

After only one session of bootcamp, I still found myself super hungry.  It was just one of those days, I guess!  I had a piece of whole wheat flatbread topped with a fried egg, hummus, lots of salad & my seed mix.

Lunch was at school with the kiddos… we had “student-led conferences” all afternoon.  This is where your student gets to show you all the work they’ve been doing at school, things you wouldn’t get to see at home.  Pretty cool!  So I ate with the girls and found out it’s hard to eat enough in the time given… I totally relate to why they’re so hungry when they get home from school!

Lentil burger, hummus, salad & pickled red onion

I quickly ate a leftover lentil burger with hummus, more salad, and some homemade pickled red onion.  I also managed to wolf down my fruit before we rushed off to Theda’s first class.

Sliced fruit

It was impossible to go to all 3 kids’ classes in the time allotted, but I saw the highlights of the kids’ work, and I have to say… it’s so rewarding to hear from them about their assignments, see their best work, and note the pride on their faces as they explain it all to me.  What a joyful afternoon!

Chocolate peanut butter energy bite

We rummaged through our lunch bags in the car on the way home, looking for a snack.  No one had much left, but I shared a few of these chocolate peanut butter energy bites.  I think we could have eaten a whole box full, but sadly, I didn’t bring enough.  But it did tide us over until dinner.

Tofu with peanut chili sauce, brown rice, roasted broccoli

Dinner was sauteed tofu with peanut chili sauce, brown rice, & roasted broccoli.  It tasted soooo good!!  After being at school half the day, coming home to a home-cooked dinner (even though I cooked it myself, ha!) was really wonderful.

Chocolate chia freezer fudge

I’m a little behind on my baking, but we did have some freezer fudge leftover, which was the perfect ending to a fun day.


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