What I Ate Wednesday

I woke up at 2:37 this morning… hungry.


I ate what I considered an almost-literal ton of food yesterday.  Take a look!

Puffed kamut with apple, smoothie

Breakfast #1 was the typical high-carb, pre-workout meal, 1 1/2 hours before my two bootcamp sessions: my usual green smoothie, puffed kamut with a little sprinkle of muesli, chopped apple, and soy milk.  I always want to eat a little more at this meal, because dinner was 12 hours ago, but I’ve learned the hard way that going into the workouts with a full stomach is not a good idea… so I restrain myself.

Zucchini fritter with egg & tomato

I’m always really ready to eat after bootcamp, and this post-workout meal was extra-satisfying: 1/2 a slice of German rye bread topped with a zucchini fritter, an over-easy egg, and chopped tomato.  I also ate some un-pictured apple slices while cooking my egg, because I simply could not wait 3 more minutes to eat!

My friend Emilie and I went to the Fort for a little shopping and lunch.  If I’ve never mentioned that Emilie is an amazing personal stylist, professional buyer, and makeup artist, I should!  She ran a high-end clothing store in Vancouver before moving to Manila and had clients whom she bought for on a regular basis.  This woman knows what she is doing when it comes to fashion!  She chose things for me to try on that I would have passed right over, but were completely right for my body and my style.  Super fun!  We added several key pieces to my wardrobe and I have to say it gave me a little bit of a high.

Fresh spring rolls

Lunch was at one of Emilie’s favourite haunts in the Fort, a Vietnamese restaurant that serves up fresh, healthy fare at reasonable prices.  We split an order of fresh spring rolls, and then had vegetarian pho: a giant bowl filled with rice noodles, savoury broth, steamed tofu, and lots of fresh greens.

Vegetarian pho

I dressed mine up with bean sprouts, basil, and probably a bit too much chili.  I couldn’t eat it all, as much as I wanted to, and knew I would regret it later.

I did regret it, about an hour and a half before dinner.  Starving!!  But what are you supposed at that point, especially when you’ve set a precedent with your children, “Don’t snack, you’ll ruin your dinner!!”

Apples & almond butter

I sneaked some apple slices and almond butter, I just couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t ruin my dinner though!

Seared sesame tuna with soba noodles & vegetables

I was plenty hungry for seared sesame tuna, soba noodles with sesame oil & cilantro, and steamed green beans & carrots.  So simple, but so good.

Topped with mango and unsweetened coconut… heavenly!
Topped with mango and unsweetened coconut… heavenly!

For dessert we had homemade coconut lemongrass ice cream that I was previewing for my cooking class later this week.  Vegan, lightly sweetened, scented with lemongrass and calamansi juice… I’ll give you the recipe soon.

So you’d think that would have been enough to fill me up for the day… I thought so too.  But apparently my body didn’t agree!  So I have to add on one more thing, “what I ate at 2:38 Thursday morning”: 1/2 a pear and an almond meal muffin.  Since this was inhaled by 2:39 am, there was no picture-taking involved.

Did I go back to bed?  Umm… no.  Happy long Thursday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. Haha. Nice read. Loved your menu of the day. Would love to join you for eating, shopping at the Fort, ladies.
    How do you make sesame seeds stay ON your tuna??;-)))

    1. Hi Sharka, thanks for your comments! I find I do go more low-gluten, gluten-free in a lot of my days and in most of my recipes. Not that I avoid gluten- I’m not intolerant or celiac, but many of my readers are. I also like to eat a variety of grains & carbs to spread my nutrient intake as wide as possible.
      Yeah, for the tuna… I used to have a terrible time making the seeds stick! Now, I just pat the tuna dry with paper towels, roll it in the seeds which I’ve placed on a flat plate, then cook over high heat, only turning once. That has worked every time… or maybe I’m just lucky! 😉 Miss you! Hugs

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