What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been 90-to-nothin’ for 8 straight days now…

All in a good way though!  And today was no exception.

Morning coffee

But my morning routine doesn’t vary no matter how busy I am- I rely on it to keep me peaceful and walking on solid ground.  If I don’t start my day with prayer and Bible reading, it just doesn’t go right from there.  So I always do…

Banana oat cookie with almond butter, fruit

Even though the kids get to sleep in on Wednesdays, I still get up early, partly to have more quiet time, and partly to eat Breakfast #1 before bootcamp.  Today it was a banana oat cookie with almond butter and a couple slices of fruit.

Green smoothie

And the green smoothie, always a smoothie.  I would definitely say I’m addicted!

Today’s workout was full of squats, kettle bell swings, and walking lunges.  And as I’m sitting here writing this post, I can feel my behind getting more and more sore…

Fresh buko

So after 2 sessions of bootcamp and a brisk walk with my Pa, I felt completely drained.  I sucked down a fresh buko as soon as we got home from the walk- there’s no better way to rehydrate.  Fresh coconut water is filled with potassium and other electrolytes, with just enough glucose to help your body absorb the fluid.  Nature’s Gatorade!

Oat pancakes with sunbutter, saba, & coconut

My snack was 2 oatmeal pancakes with sunbutter, dried coconut, and sliced boiled saba.  Saba is a local banana kind of like a plantain.  When it’s ripe, it can be boiled or fried (I boil mine, obviously) and it gets very sweet and creamy on the inside.  Yum!

I had lunch with Mike Grogan, founder of “Best of You,” a personal and organizational transformation movement dedicated to empowering people for success.  In other words, Mike helps people change their habits for success… and what can be better than that??  I attended his premiere workshop “The 40-Day Miracle: Creating Habits That Will Transform Your Life” last Saturday, and it was truly amazing.  Actually, I would say more than amazing, I would say “life-changing.”  This is not about coming away at the end of the day just “feeling good”… it’s about the science behind habit formation and what sets us up for success in every area of life.  I hope everyone in Philippines can have a chance to hear Mike’s message of intentional living and be inspired to achieve the potential we were meant to, in every area of our lives- physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Can you tell I was inspired??

Mezze platter

For lunch we shared a Mediterranean platter with courgette fritters, hummus, tabbouli salad, baba ganoush, and ratatouille.  It was fab with the warm pita bread.

Trail mix cookie

Maybe Mike ate most of the lunch platter??  Ha ha… just kidding!!  But anyway, I was hungry in the afternoon (what’s new??) so I snacked on a trail mix cookie and probably a peanut butter oat bar or 2 (not pictured.)

Farro, roasted beet salad, roasted pumpkin

Dinner… ahh, how much did I love my dinner??  All of my bestie fall foods on one plate!!  First was my roasted beet salad: beets roasted with fresh orange juice, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, & tarragon, then tossed with arugula, walnuts, & goat cheese.  As if that’s not enough beautiful fall goodness, I also had roasted pumpkin and steamed farro alongside, which of course I stirred up all together.  It was the perfect combo of flavours and textures, and a great ending to a fabulous day.

Hope yours is fabulous too!


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