What I Ate Wednesday

Hello folks… welcome back to “What I Ate Wednesday!”  I haven’t posted this feature regularly for awhile, but I figured I’d start up again, not only to keep you informed about my training progress, but also to reiterate how much I DON’T do detox (it being January, the month for detox and all…) because I believe that every day is just another chance to nourish your body with wholesome, healthy foods.

Chocolate zucchini oats

I started my day with my regular green smoothie containing spinach, cucumber, fresh mint, vegan protein powder, & water.  I also had a big bowl of chocolate zucchini oats… yes, vegetables in my breakfast cereal!! Can you even see it?? Maybe only barely.  It’s actually really good… adds volume to the oats and you don’t taste it at all.  This is about 1/4 cup shredded zucchini, 1/2 T. cocoa powder, & 1/2 cup raw oats, plus a splash of vanilla extract & a few drops of liquid stevia.  I topped it with almond butter & some chopped apple.

Protein ice cream

After my workout I had this bowl of protein ice cream made with silken tofu, frozen blueberries & papaya, hemp seeds, & a bit of almond milk.  It’s topped with toasted flaked almonds & cacao nibs to add healthy fats, fiber, & protein.  Alongside is some mashed sweet potato with cinnamon & more almonds.

It’s a lot of food, I know!  I’m meant to be eating a calorie excess so that I can put on a few pounds… theoretically in muscle.  For us girls, gaining weight can be a scary proposition, what with the media emphasis on thinness.  So this process is pretty much of a faith walk for me!  Some of you may recall my post of last year where I stopped weighing myself because I’d become a bit obsessed with the numbers, so I’ll be honest… it’s a journey.  But this whole process is actually very empowering for me as I continue to see the scale inch up and find that I’m really ok with it.

Now, back to the food!

Salad with chicken & white bean pesto burger

Lunch was a huge salad with lots of veggies, chicken, 1/2 a white bean pesto burger, & nutritional yeast, dressed with hummus & lime juice.  It was fab.  I followed it up with some perfectly ripe papaya from the tree in our garden.  I kind of felt sorry for the kids, watching them eat their plain white mac & cheese with carrot sticks… they asked for it, though!

Egg & chickpea snack

My afternoon “snack” is my most awkward meal, because it falls at a time when I don’t usually eat, I’m not that hungry, and it seems too close to dinner to justify eating.  But since my calorie requirements are high, I need to eat in order to get it all in. So today it was a scrambled egg plus egg whites with chickpeas, rice, nutritional yeast, red pepper relish, & zataar spice.  And once I actually get into the meal, it’s good!  Real food is always good.

Chicken & black bean tacos

And then dinner… chicken & black bean tacos… (and yes, we’re still using our Christmas plates.  We’ll put them away soon, I promise!)  This is 2 corn tortillas, grilled chicken, black beans, rice, nutritional yeast, salsa, & cabbage, because we ran out of lettuce.  I guess I ate it all at lunch.


Here’s to healthy food, friends! It does your body good.


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