What I Ate Wednesday

Hello folks!  It’s been awhile since I’ve given you a run-down of my daily eats. I’m still eating a LOT…gotta build some more muscle.. and finding fun ways to fit all those calories in without overloading my stomach.

Green smoothie

Breakfast stays pretty tried and true… today I had my usual green smoothie made with frozen pineapple, spinach, fresh mint, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder.  I added a splash of fresh coconut water (buko juice) as well for the tropical taste and extra potassium.

Chocolate zucchini oats

Along with my smoothie I had chocolate zucchini oats with dragonfruit and coconut flakes.  I cook the oats in water with a little shredded zucchini, half a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a tablespoon of chocolate protein powder, and a few walnuts.  I could feel I was going to need chocolate at some point today, so I figured, why not start early?!

Homemade protein bar

After an especially sweaty bootcamp this morning, I scarfed down half of this homemade protein bar while I made my smoothie bowl.  Tommy and I concocted this recipe awhile back… he’s not a fan because “they taste so protein-y!!”, but I’m addicted.

Chocolate banana smoothie bowl

My chocolate fix continued with this smoothie bowl, made with silken tofu, frozen bananas, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, cooked sweet potato (try it!… it adds sooo much creaminess!), and a little almond milk to make my blender blades move.  I topped it with the rest of the protein bar, some cacao nibs and toasted coconut flakes.  Yes, I do feel like I’m eating dessert in the middle of the morning… but I don’t feel like it’s anything to apologise for.

Seared tuna, tofu, veggies & rice

Lunch was leftovers from last night: seared sesame tuna, chili baked tofu, stir-fried veggies, and rice. This is a deviation from my usual salad, and it tasted sooo good to have a hot lunch.

Papaya with overnight quick oats

Early in the afternoon I went to the gym for my back/biceps/legs workout.  This is a long workout, but one of my favourites because it includes pull-ups.  When I came home I wanted some quick-acting carbs to replenish my energy for my personal training client who trains in the late afternoon.  So I had a big dish of papaya topped with overnight quick oats (Greek yogurt, quick oats, vanilla protein powder, and cinnamon.)  I meant to include walnuts along with the toasted coconut, but just plain forgot.  It was still yummy, though!  This digested quickly and powered me through my 3rd workout of the day.  I should probably tell you that this is not my normal schedule!!  But due to an evening event I have tomorrow, I had to juggle a few things around this week.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to perform in that last workout today.

Chicken tostadas

But yes, I was mighty hungry for dinner!  Fortunately it was an easy meal of Mexican-spiced chicken on corn tortillas (maybe I should call it tostadas?) along with lentils, cilantro chili cream sauce, and roasted broccoli.

Freezer fudge

I always end with something sweet, and tonight it was a couple squares of freezer fudge.  I love having this in the freezer for those times when there isn’t another dessert around.

So I pretty much started and ended my day with chocolate… with plenty in between!  No wonder it’s been such a fabulous Wednesday!  Happy Hump Day, folks!

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