What I Ate Wednesday- One of Those Hungry Days

Some days are hungrier than others… and yesterday was one of those days.

Green smoothie

Peanut butter banana almond meal muffin









Breakfast #1 was my favourite green smoothie (spinach, cucumbers, fresh mint, homemade almond milk, & frozen pineapple) plus a peanut butter banana almond meal muffin.  I made these from the almond pulp leftover from my almond milk-this pulp is so delish- soft, moist, and vanilla-scented.  It would be a crime not to use it!  It is also somewhat of a crime that I made these muffins without writing down the recipe, but I am bad to do that…

Chia breakfast pudding with mangoes

Tropical fruitPeanut butter banana almond meal muffin









Breakfast #2 came within half an hour after teaching 2 back-to-back classes of bootcamp.  Did you know you have about a 2 hour window after a hard workout when your muscles are most receptive to replenishing nutrients?  And the best recovery meal/snack is a carb-protein combination.  There are lots of ways to get this done, but my choice today was: chia breakfast pudding with diced mangoes, a bowl of fruit, another muffin with peanut butter, and an un-pictured hard-boiled egg. Phew! It seems like a lot, but I had no problem putting it away.  This meal lasted me about 4 hours.

Cabbage & salmon salad with peanut sauce

Lunch was 1/2 a can of canned salmon (a good source of calcium because of the bones) in a huge salad with so many good things: cabbage, shredded carrots, a bit of kimchee, mint, cilantro, fresh chilies, leftover brown rice, & peanut sauce.  Yum!

Graham crackers with chocolate hummus

I headed off to school a couple of hours later to watch my son’s soccer game, knowing dinner would be later than normal.  I brought along a couple of graham crackers with Alexis’ amazing chocolate hummus.  Yes, I did say “chocolate hummus!”  And it’s so good you can eat it with a spoon… but that could get messy in the car.

I snacked on a few dried apricots and some raw almonds at the game, generously provided by my friend Sabrina.  These were followed by a veggie samosa in the car- we were all starving after the soccer game, even those of us who didn’t play, and Sabrina had had the foresight to order dinner to bring home- smart!!  I’m not sure how much of her dinner actually made it home, as she pulled open containers of chicken kebabs and hummus and pita to share with my hungry son…

Zucchini crust pizza with fresh tomatoes & olives

By the time we arrived home, it was bedtime, but we were still a little hungry.  We had leftover zucchini crust pizza with fresh tomatoes and olives.  It was light and perfect and just the thing to top off the day.  Thank goodness for leftovers!!  And for good friends who wisely order delicious food to share in the car…

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