My Favourite Green Smoothie

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Happy Saturday, folks!

I realize I’ve gone on and on about “my favourite green smoothie” without ever telling you either why I drink it, or how to make it.  And that’s just wrong!!

Spinach & pineapple smoothie

I jumped on the green smoothie train about a year ago, late as usual… But I like to think I’ve made up in green smoothie frequency what I’ve lacked in longevity.

Don't forget the fresh mint, it adds a bright pop of flavour!
Don’t forget the fresh mint, it adds a bright pop of flavour!

This particular smoothie is distinctly non-hearty, so if you are looking for a full-on breakfast replacement, this is not your ticket.  Nope, this baby is light, frosty, high in carb and low in fat and protein, and will empty from your stomach in no time flat.  Perfect for a pre-workout breakfast or snack!  I usually have this smoothie and a muffin or piece of toast before training two 45-minute sessions of bootcamp.  And I can safely say I have never seen my breakfast twice!  Oy!  Seriously though, fuelling up with a high-carb breakfast about an hour to hour and a half before a tough workout (especially a morning session when your glycogen stores are depleted), really enhances your energy level and performance.  And that translates to a better workout, more strength gains, increased cardiovascular fitness, and more calories burned.  Who can argue with that??

It makes enough to share!
It makes enough to share!

I also feel a tiny bit smug about starting my day one veggie serving ahead of the game.  Spinach makes my “Top 5 Healthy Veggies” list, for its iron, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and potassium content.  It’s also mild in flavour compared to kale, so for “green smoothie” novices, this is your go-to green.  The nutritional profile of this smoothie will blow your mind: it delivers over 60% of your daily requirement for both Vitamins A and C, nearly 400 mg of blood-pressure-regulating potassium,  and a whopping 2.6 grams of fiber… all with only 13 grams of total carbs and 70 measly calories!!  Well, now I feel more than just a tiny bit smug.

And you will too, when you try this smoothie!

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  1. Just tried my very first “green” smoothie. I must say it was delicious!! I am heading out for my spinning class with a new bounce in my step. Thanks for sharing your recipe!!!

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