What I Ate Wednesday

Spiralling Green Smoothie

Do you ever wonder what I do all day?  My kids do…

I think they think I lie around and read books all day, which is what they would do if they were me.  Kidding!  They would actually lie around and play on their computers all day.

So I got up at my usual 4am, had my coffee & quiet time then checked my email and planned my day.  I also wrote today’s bootcamp workout- a body weight circuit.  It’s been super hot here so I toned down the intensity a little.

Breakfast #1 was my new favourite smoothie, which is my old favourite plus 1/2 T. of spirulina.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae (hence the colour) that has more nutrients per gram than just about any other food on the planet.  Plus, it’s beautiful!

Banana oat cookie with sunbutter

I also had a banana oat cookie with with sunflower butter smeared on top, and some grapes.

Mixed berry tofu nice cream

After the workout, which felt pretty intense anyway, I made a cross between a smoothie bowl and “nice cream” (I hate imposter words, but this one works- “nice cream” is just blended frozen fruit- everything healthy- how nice!)  So my particular version had 1/2 a block of organic silken tofu, the frozen berries, 1/2 a scoop of vegan protein powder, 1/2 T. acai powder, & just enough almond milk to make the Vitamix blades move.  I’ll definitely be making this again- it was cold, frosty, creamy, refreshing, and high in protein to help replenish my muscles after bootcamp.

Spinach Salad with Pomelo & Pickled Red Onions

For lunch I had this spinach salad that you’ll be seeing on the blog tomorrow.  My strong belief is that everyone needs a good spinach salad recipe, and that you deserve to eat it NOT dripping with bacon fat.  You’re welcome.  I also had a slice of whole rye toast with this.

Chocolate chia freezer fudge

As I was lunching with the hubs, obviously we had something sweet after lunch: chocolate chia freezer fudge.  Hit the spot!

Chocolate orange almond muffins

I edited pictures for awhile, then did some prep for dinner before picking up the kids from the bus stop.  In between making chickpea salmon patties and homemade pesto, I snacked on a chocolate orange almond muffin with peanut butter.

Afternoon is the kids’ time, and since Sara didn’t have any homework, we got to practice guitar.  You didn’t know I played?  I didn’t either.  Sara plays…  And she’s very patient to re-teach me the notes on each string. Every. Single. Time. We. Practice.  Sweet angel!

Chickpea salmon pattie, baked potato with pesto, steamed broccoli

Dinner was the chickpea salmon patties I mentioned earlier.  They turned out really well… maybe I need to blog these!  I thought it would be a great idea to dress my potato with the homemade pesto, and it was. This picture makes it looks like it was a small dinner, but believe me, it was filling.

If you wonder why I wake up at 4am, it’s because I fall asleep while putting the kids to bed at 8… So it’s almost time… Goodnight!

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