What I Ate Wednesday

I was halfway through my morning when I realised I’d forgotten what day it was, & I should have been clicking pix of what I ate.  But never mind, you guys know me by now… I had a cup of coffee, the green smoothie, and a banana oat cookie with almond butter.  I’m a girl of routine!

We had a great run in cardio class this morning and the endurance work is really paying off.

Cherry cranberry smoothie

By the time I cooled down, I was ready for “2nd breakfast,” which consisted of this smoothie made with frozen dark cherries, fresh cranberry orange relish, homemade almond milk, & half a scoop of Vega protein powder.

Banana oat cookie with chocolate peanut butter & coconut flakes

I also had another banana oat cookie with chocolate peanut butter & coconut flakes.  It felt like dessert… lucky me!

Then I had a conversation that did NOT go as I expected, and I was left feeling frustrated & bewildered.  I had planned on a completely different outcome.  But I have to accept that some things are beyond my control, as much as I’d like to think opposite, ha!

This is part of why I love cooking… did you ever see the movie “Julie & Julia”?  Julie has a line I love (I’m paraphrasing): “No matter what kind of day you have, you can always go home, stir together eggs, chocolate, & cream, cook it for awhile, and you WILL have a chocolate pie.”

Lunch: chickpea pancake with over easy egg, hummus, mango salsa, & salad
Lunch: chickpea pancake with over easy egg, hummus, mango salsa, & salad

So I got in the kitchen: almond milk & flaxseed milk, whole wheat pita bread, and vegan chocolate mousse NOT using silken tofu and NOT using any refined sugar!…. It took me all afternoon, and I forgot to have any snacks, but when I was finished, God had had time while my hands & head were busy to speak to my heart: “This is My battle… not yours.”  So I have peace that I don’t have to have the final answer in this particular situation.

Chickpea shwarma with kale chips

For dinner we took advantage of my afternoon kitchen flurry… chickpea shwarmas in the hot pita bread, yum!  I dressed mine up with mango salsa and cilantro-chili cashew cream.  It was all that.  We also had kale chips which turned out the best ever! For dessert we were going to have the chocolate mousse, but we got distracted with the warm pitas and just ate more of them with Colorado wild honey instead.  It was a good trade-off.

And the mousse still awaits…



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