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Sometimes I know you worry about me… you know, spending all my time either working out, or by myself in the kitchen, slaving away over my latest recipe, then taking a million pictures to get 5 good ones for the blog.  Rest assured, dear friends, this is not the case!  In fact sometimes I scramble to get my posts done “on time” simply because sometimes life interrupts blog… in the best way possible.

So here’s what’s new with me:

Rebecca Lwin cooking class
Punching down the pita dough is clearly too much fun…

Thursday I hosted a healthy cooking class, the first one of the year.  I love these classes!  We cook a full menu together, from appetiser to dessert, then enjoy eating it for lunch.  This format is so much fun and not only teaches new recipes and techniques of healthy cooking, but also builds camaraderie among the community to embrace healthy eating.  Win-win!  On this particular day we made minestrone soup, homemade whole wheat pita bread (yes, most of them puffed!), Greek salad, and vegan chocolate mousse (soy-free & refined-sugar free.)  Want that recipe?  It’s sooo yum…


Friday I was invited downtown by the love of my life for a drink and early dinner.  He rarely knocks off work early on a Friday afternoon so I wasn’t going to pass this one up!  We caught up on our busy weeks over an amazing Thai dinner and it was just nice to relax together, savouring pad Thai and enjoying each other’s company.  Even the Manila traffic cooperated on the way home, amazing!

Can you find the ball??
Can you find the ball??

Over the weekend, Tommy played in his final baseball tournament of the season.  Even though his team didn’t win the championship, Tommy was brilliant in the field and had a beautiful hit to left centre field that made his Momma (and Daddy!) proud.

Before I added the glaze...
Before I added the glaze…

We made it home in time for me to use the last of my Baguio strawberries to make a fresh strawberry pie for dessert that night.  I concocted a recipe for a coconut almond crust that turned out fabulously… I really, really need to write it down before I forget what I did!!  I’m so bad to do that.  The strawberries were so sweet that I reduced the sugar in the filling by half, and it was the right thing to do.  It wasn’t a beautiful pie, but it was delicious and it made my family happy.

All it needs now is some coconut whipped cream!
All it needs now is some coconut whipped cream!

Hope you had a lovely and fulfilling weekend as well!

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  1. Aww so nice to get a little peak inside your day-to-day life 🙂 And I love how you format your cooking classes. Brings me back to first semester of Dietetics when we had a cooking class once a week – SO much bonding happened in that kitchen! Date nights are truly the best, aren’t they? And I would just so happen to LOVE the chocolate mousse recipe!!

    1. Jacklyn, yes!!! The kitchen is the perfect place to bond, especially over healthy food… it is truly amazing. Ok, expect the chocolate mousse recipe in time for Valentine’s Day- perfect to create a sweet date night at home 🙂 Xo

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