What I Ate Wednesday

The key words here are: SALADS and SMOOTHIES!!!

It’s so darn hot here in Manila that I find myself living solely in the air-conditioned rooms in my house, scurrying as quickly as I can through its “obligatory hot-spots” (i.e., the living room, stairwells, and landings) which are un-airconditioned and usually hotter than outside.  If I were guessing, I’d say my stairwell hits 35 C (95 F) by about 11am.  It’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

Green smoothie

I had my usual green smoothie first thing… you’d think I would get tired of this, but I still look forward to it day after day.  I do vary it a bit now and then; for example, today I put frozen mango instead of pineapple, and I added spirulina for protein & antioxidants.

Banana oat cookies

I also had ambitions of eating 2 banana oat cookies (another staple for me), but I only ate one. I felt plenty full after the smoothie and one cookie, and I envisioned running in the heat just a couple hours later… best to just hold off.

Pumpkin overnight oats

So after our cardio endurance class, I cooled off with this jar of pumpkin overnight oats.  This is truly the best way to eat oats when it’s warm outside- they’re soft and chewy and cold.  I made this with rolled oats, cooked local pumpkin, chia seeds, almond milk, and let it soak overnight.  Then right before eating, I topped it with chopped apple, pecans, & pumpkin seeds.

Salad with baked tofu

The oats filled me up so much that I thought I wouldn’t be hungry for lunch, but I was!!  Mark & I shared this huge salad & pretty much polished it off.  It had leftover baked tofu, pumpkin seeds, pecans, & every veggie in my fridge including leftover kale chips, which are surprisingly better than any crouton I’ve ever tasted.  I made a dressing out of the tomato jam by adding a splash of soy sauce, some calamasi juice, & a bit of honey.  So good.  I also had a few rye thin crackers with this.

Dark cherry chocolate beetroot smoothie

Yup, huge salad, but not a lot of calories… so mid-afternoon I was hungry again… I made a cherry chocolate smoothie out of chocolate almond milk, organic silken tofu, a tablespoon of flax meal, a few slices of beetroot, & frozen dark cherries.  It was the perfect thing and soooo cold!

Dinner started out to be just a couple cans of black-eyed peas that I felt sorry for because they didn’t get eaten at New Year’s.  Then somewhere along the line I found motivation and jazzed them up with some sautéed onion & bell pepper, cumin, & tomato paste.  I interrupted Theda from her homework to give her a lesson on “how to cook cheaply and nutritiously in college”… because it’s only gonna be 4 more years till she goes and you can never start too soon!  I’m not sure she was too impressed…

Black-eyed peas & rice, salsa, roasted camote

ANYWAY. We ate the black-eyed peas with rice, salsa, and roasted camote (local sweet potato) chips.

Vegan almond cookies

And for dessert, the cutest little cookies I made out of my leftover almond pulp.  3 guesses as to what you think this face looks like…

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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