What I Ate Wednesday [Recovering]

Howdy folks!  That little head cold I mentioned a couple of posts ago? … turned into a full-blown sinus infection.  Shows what happens when you let yourself get run down… or just breathe in the wrong germ, I guess!  But unless I’m sick to my stomach, I don’t see illness as a reason not to eat… I don’t buy into that “feed a fever, starve a cold” thing… or is it the other way around, I can never remember!

So even though my appetite was “low” (for me,) I still ate…

Banana oat cookies, papaya, coffee

Banana oat cookies (I made them smaller for a change, and put chia seeds in this time), along with Vitamin-C-rich papaya, and coffee, to try to bump my energy up a little.  It didn’t work.

My activities of the day involved sleeping, reading Harry Potter books, and… oh, I guess that was pretty much it.

Green smoothie

Mid-morning I had my green smoothie.  I added protein powder to this one because I’ve been a little low on protein for the past couple of days.  It also had a lot of mint in it and with the frozen pineapple it was so refreshing!

After that I thought about doing something productive, like work on my continuing ed module… but the pull of bed was just too great.

Curried pumpkin soup with tofu & rice, salad, buck

My late lunch was curried pumpkin soup with leftover tofu satay & coconut rice, along with a simple salad and fresh buko juice.  The salad dressing was a blend of tomato chili jam and peanut sauce, strange-sounding but so good!  You know that game I mentioned a while back where I try to empty out as many Tupperwares as possible at lunchtime?  Well, I still play it.  Today I managed 4: the rest of the soup, rice, tofu, and the salad dressing container.  Sometimes silly little things like this can make you feel better!


I thought I should plug some more Vitamin C into myself, so I ate several slices of pomelo in the afternoon.

Filipino antibiotic (garlic, honey, calamansi juice)

Bernadette noticed how much I was coughing, and offered to make me the Filipino’s home remedy for severe coughs: raw garlic, honey, and calamansi juice.  The combination of the vitamin C in the citrus juice, the anti-bacterial properties of raw garlic, and throat-soothing effects of the honey was amazing.  Nature’s medicine!

Roasted veggies with curried tahini sauce over quinoa

Dinner actually turned out pretty well, considering!  I roasted a bunch of veggies, steamed some quinoa, and made a quick curried tahini sauce.  I threw this all together with a can of chickpeas for protein and voila, there was dinner, with enough for leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I took another dose of Filipino cough medicine as a nightcap…

Here’s to feeling better!


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