What I Ate Wednesday


Sometimes I’m a killjoy at parties.

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mean to be.  I love parties.  But imagine this: we’re all standing around, plates in hand, making small talk.

“So what do you here, Rebecca?”

“Well, just call me Bex. I’m a dietitian.  I…”  But whatever I was going to say is lost in the blaze of panic that ensues from my statement “I’m a dietitian” and I see eyes flitting from plate to plate, making instant comparisons.  And all of a sudden I find myself standing alone with my plate of… whatever it happens to be… again.

Let’s get something straight here… I won’t judge your Cheetos if you don’t judge my hummus, ok??  But would it make anyone feel better to see what I really eat, day in, day out?  Coz you’ve apparently seen me eat at parties and that is enough to freak you out.

Alrighty then, Show & Tell time!  “What I Ate Wednesday” has a nice ring to it and is actually a common feature in many food blogs… but at some point I will probably also need to also tell you “What I Ate Friday Night” and “What I Ate Saturday at Happy Hour,” just to keep it real.  And maybe you will invite me back to your parties?  Pretty please??

Here we go:

Breakfast needs to be quick, early, and easily digested.  That usually means oatmeal.  Today I had it with dried blueberries (on sale at S&R), toasted almond slivers, toasted unsweetened coconut, & homemade almond milk.


After teaching 2 sessions of bootcamp,  I cooled down by the pool with a fresh buko.  I always buy several at the Alabang Saturday Market and keep them in my fridge.  When I want one I just cut the top off and it’s the perfect serving size.  Hello hydration!


I feel sorry for everyone who has never had a fresh buko.  One of the advantages of living 8000 miles from my extended family is the p25 (about $0.50) bukos… but at this moment I would gladly pay $3.00 for bottled coconut water and be able to hug my Pa anytime I want.

I also ate some papaya and an apple cinnamon almond muffin with almond butter.


At lunch I like to play a game called “How Many Tiny Tupperwares with Leftovers Can Be Eliminated From the Fridge?”  I win if I take out more than I put back in.  I make the rules easy for myself so that if I have an otherwise bad day, at least I’ve won at something.  Today I won 2-0 because I finished off the curried quinoa and roasted red pepper soup.


I also had some kale salad with avocado, dried cranberries, toasted almonds (again) & unsweetened dried coconut.  And a slice of Emmanthal cheese.

After lunch I did some recipe testing for a client who is coming for a cooking class later in the week.  I think these might be worthy of their own special post, what do you think??


These little balls of heaven are made from almonds, dates, cocoa powder, and very little else.  Yum!  Of course I had to taste one.  It took all my willpower to bite only half of it off so I could take the picture… so please appreciate how moist and delicious it is on the inside.


To avoid eating them all, I left the kitchen.

I’m entertaining thoughts of using these to decorate my son’s “volcano” cake for his birthday party this weekend… but I’m not sure they’re gonna last that long.

Dinner was camote (local sweet potato) & chickpea patties spiced up with chili powder, cumin, & coriander.  We ate them in pita bread with curried tahini dip/dressing.   And more kale salad because I made a lot and I’m the one who likes it most in my family.  While I’m sad that my kids are not scarfing it up, sometimes I just say, “more for me!”


After dinner I usually always want something sweet.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, but I feel deprived if I totally skip dessert.  So tonight I had a piece of this chocolate.


While it’s not my all-time favourite brand, it’s still pretty good, and it IS 70% dark and filled with anti-oxidants.  And the caramel toffee?  Well, that’s just something to make me happy, I guess!

So how was that for “full disclosure”?  Will you invite me to your next party?

8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. Samantha Comeau

    loving this blog!!!
    You are hilarious, not to mention an exceptional chief and nutritionlist!
    Keep them coming. I was so entertained and inspired.

  2. Karen Croshaw

    Wow Rebecca you have such a mixed and interesting diet. I am so lazy and clueless about cooking that I tend to just eat whatever is easy and requires no preparation so I tend to pretty much eat the same things all the time!

    1. Karen, sometimes I think my diet is repetitive because I’m always eating oatmeal and green smoothies, and that I should branch out more! 😉 But if you’re eating lots of veg and fruits and unprocessed foods, I think you are good to go. You don’t have to cook every day (I don’t)… otherwise how could you play the lunchtime game? 😉

      1. Karen Croshaw

        Hi Rebecca, I do eat healthy as luckily I actually don’t like ‘junk’ food and basically live on fruit and veg. It’s just that I never do anything very exciting with it, for instance I will just eat a head of steamed broccoli with cottage cheese for dinner…………not exactly exciting 🙂

        1. Karen, maybe it’s not “exciting”… but it’s healthy!! Keep watching the blog because I’m also gonna post recipes for easy & yummy dips like curried tahini dip and roasted red pepper hummus. Stuff like this keeps well, adds to your nutrition, and does make lunch exciting! 🙂 xxx

  3. Nicola Gardiner

    love this weeks blog! I feel like you are sitting next to me when I am reading it! Please can we have the recipes to everything you made that day! Do you pre soak your breakfast oats? Xxx

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments, dear Nicola!! Yes, I’m gonna put all the recipes on the blog! 🙂 My food is actually SO easy to make, you will be able to do it in no time flat! I don’t pre-soak the breakfast oats, and only cook them for 2 minutes because I like a really chewy texture. Then I add the almond milk to make them creamy. Chewy, creamy… yup I could eat some NOW!! 😉 xoxo

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