What I Ate Wednesday

Well, one thing’s for sure: jet lag makes a person very hungry!  Maybe it’s because there are just so many available eating hours between 2am and 8pm…

Pumpkin chia overnight oats

It all started with about half a jar of pumpkin overnight oats.  It hadn’t had a whole night to soak, obviously, because it was 2:30 am when I ate it.  But it was a wonderful concoction: oats, cooked pumpkin, cinnamon, chia seeds, and coconut, soaked in homemade almond milk.  I topped it with a few grapes and some mango cubes.Banana oat cookie, chocolate almond muffin, papaya

Then at my normal breakfast time, I had my normal breakfast: a green smoothie (with mango instead of pineapple), a banana oat cookie, a chocolate almond muffin, and some papaya.

Chocolate chip hemp energy bite

After the cardio workout I rushed off to Bible study, still sweating.  I grabbed my latest snack creation which was inspired by Robyn Patton of Intuitive Nourishment.  It’s made with raw peanuts, walnuts, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, coconut oil, & a bit of maple syrup.  It’s the perfect low-sugar snack food for so many occasions! I also had a banana with this.

Fried eggs, salad with beet & hemp seeds

Lunch was 2 fried eggs & pickled onions over artisan rye toast (buried under the eggs), along with a huge salad made with every veggie in my fridge.  I sprinkled on some hemp seeds for added fiber, protein, & healthy fats.  This was an amazing flavour combination, especially once I got it all smushed up together on my plate.

Chocolate coconut protein bar

I was hungry again before going to school to pick up the kids, so I took along one of my chocolate almond date bars.  I’ll give you this recipe soon… so easy to make and so portable!  These are made with dates, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder, coconut, & a bit of protein powder.

Roasted seaweed

It still wasn’t time for dinner by the time we got home from the orthodontist, yet I was hungry again! So while I made dinner, I snacked on these roasted seaweed leaves.  Yes, it is a processed food.  But the ingredient list is short and contains no preservatives nor MSG, so it works for me.  Plus, seaweed is very healthy given that it’s a prebiotic food (feeds your good gut bacteria.)

Whole wheat spaghetti with white bean pesto & salmon, salad

Dinner was whole wheat spaghetti with a white bean pesto sauce and some leftover salmon.  This is my regular pesto enhanced with a can of white beans blended in for added protein and fiber.  No one can tell the beans are in there, yet they boost the nutritional content of the meal by leaps and bounds.

Chocolate almond muffin, chocolate hazelnut butter

As if I hadn’t already had enough chocolate and snacks today, I finished off my day with another chocolate almond meal muffin, this time with chocolate hazelnut butter spread on top.

Clearly, the happiest way through jet lag is via plenty of chocolate!

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