Vancouver Treasures

The view from our apartment's veranda
The view from our apartment’s veranda

Well folks, I’m back from my trip to Vancouver!  And as promised, I did not do one single pushup.

Nor did I do one single blog post!  I left with what I thought were reasonable aspirations to do a fun “what I ate” post, or a little fitness post… or something! But you know what?  It just didn’t happen, because… well, vacation! 

I’ll be honest, I often feel an unreasonable urge towards productivity, even on vacation.  For instance, I’ll go ahead and get up early and work out, just to be able to cross it off the imaginary list in my head.  True!

But this time, I actually had no desire to “work out” and very little desire to “be productive” in any modern sense of the word. My imaginary mental checklist somehow evaporated.  The feeling was very freeing and completely refreshing.  So what did I do instead?  I had the most marvellous time connecting with my family.  Ever.

We played in Stanley Park… every day.  Our Coal Harbour apartment was within easy walking distance of the park- so perfect for us!

Kids on the old tree in Stanley Park

I did my fill of handstands, which I actually do not consider “working out”… they’re just plain fun.

Bex handstand on tree stump

We visited the Vancouver Aquarium… the moon jellys were simply amazing.

Jellyfish, Vancouver Aquarium

And we could have watched the sea otters all day…

Sea Otter, Vancouver Aquarium
The cherry blossoms were in full bloom…

Cherry blossoms, Vancouver

As was my sweet girl in the peonies…

Sara in the peonies

Whistler was absolutely stunning…

Lwin kids at Whistler

And the kids discovered they LOVE skiing!

Skiing kids in Whistler

Back in Vancouver, I discovered the Public Market at Granville Island…

Granville Island Public Market

If I’d come here first thing, I’m not sure I ever would have left.  You can’t even imagine the rows and rows of the freshest fruits and veggies!

Fresh fruits at Granville Island Public Market

I wanted to buy it all…

Fresh berries at Granville Island Public Market

But I restrained myself and just bought enough to make a gorgeous cheese plate that evening!

Cheese & fruit plate
I die a little for fresh figs… I should have definitely bought more of these!

I couldn’t leave Vancouver without doing a little shopping…

If you're ever in Vancouver, you MUST check out this store!
If you’re ever in Vancouver, you MUST check out this store!

And did I mention all the bulb flowers are in bloom?


Every year we love our Spring break venue so much that we say we’re gonna go back next year.  But maybe we really will this time!

Lwin family

Until next year, Vancouver!


8 thoughts on “Vancouver Treasures”

  1. Oh my, you were just over the mountains from us! Yes, we love Vancouver too. The jellyfish in the aquarium are so spectacular – we took loads of photos. Stanley Park and English Beach are such great places to take a few deep breaths in the city. You went skiing at Whistler? We’ll be over the Great Divide again, going west, in June, scooting through Vancouver to spend time on the Sunshine Coast. I love your happy photos!

    1. Ah Marilyn, that makes me feel so close to you! Your country is stunningly beautiful. Every part of Vancouver & the surrounding area was amazing. I was in awe that I could be literally at the seaside/harbour one moment, and then 2 hours later, be at the top of a mountain. Breathtaking! One of our best family vacations ever. 🙂 Have fun going through in June!! xo

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