What I Ate Wednesday

Chocolate orange almond muffin & fruit
Breakfast: chocolate orange almond muffin, almonds, & fruit

I had one of those rare and magical days where I did not leave the house except to make bus stop runs.  Not that I would want every day to be like that… then it wouldn’t be magical anymore, hey?  But normally my days are so full that I never even sit down except to eat, and even then I’m usually just perched on my kitchen stool.

Banana berry smoothie
Morning snack: banana-berry smoothie- 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries, & enough almond milk to make it move in the blender

Sara was home with me, not super sick, but with enough of a cold to warrant a rest day, given that THE SHOW is this week (she’s playing “Peaseblossom” in the Middle School production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and this was her only chance for a rest day.  I have to hand it to that girl, she knows how to relax!  Maybe she can teach me a thing or two??

I cancelled everything on my agenda for the day, and we just puttered around all morning, reading and resting…

Green tea soba noodle salad

We ate our lunch in front of The Hunger Games (watching this movie always makes me hungry, go figure!)  I had this amazing concoction of green tea soba noodles topped with crisp-steamed snow peas, tofu, shredded raw carrots, bean sprouts, & cilantro.  I dressed it with a couple dashes of soy sauce, sesame oil, hot chili oil, and sprinkling of sesame seeds.  Voila!  Alongside I ate some kimchi that a dear friend made for me… she makes the tastiest kimchi ever!

Apples & peanut butter

When the movie was over we were hungry again, so we had more snacks: apple slices and peanut butter.  Then we built a 3-D puzzle of the Brooklyn bridge and I discovered I am no good at 3-D puzzles.  I went to the bus stop shortly thereafter so Sara could finish it properly.

Baked tofu, coconut rice, Thai papaya salad

I’m testing a few of my recipes for next week’s Thai cooking class- always fun!  For dinner I made green papaya salad and coconut rice.  The key to a good papaya salad, other than the most difficult part which is getting the papaya at the correct stage of ripeness, is balancing the sweet, sour, salty, & hot flavour components.  That involves a lot of tasting as you go along… so if my dinner looks a little smaller than usual, it’s probably because I ate a whole vat of papaya salad before we sat down.  But hey, I’m willing to sacrifice!

Fried saba banana

Somehow I’m never too full for dessert… we had fried (yes, I said fried!!) saba bananas.  Saba bananas are the local starchy bananas that you can eat at various stages of ripeness, much like plantains.  I eat them boiled as well, but then they are healthy enough to be a snack.  This was definitely dessert… especially once I sprinkled coconut sugar on them…

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. I always feel so guilty when I read your ‘What I ate’ posts as I eat about 4 times as much as you and do 4 times less 🙂

    1. Oh Karen, please never feel guilty… first of all, I KNOW how much you walk your dogs 😉 and you are so fit!! And normally I do chow down much more… it just so happened I was completely inactive that day so I think my appetite was less. So stay tuned for next week, you will see my eating kick into full gear, ha! 🙂 xx

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