What I Ate Wednesday

Considering all the “What I Ate Wednesday” posts you haven’t seen lately, you might wonder if maybe I’ve gotten into intermittent fasting or something.  But no, I’ve been chowing down as usual…

Morning coffee

My morning began as it normally does, with coffee & quiet time.  Love starting my day this way!  Then came the green smoothie, which I added coconut milk to this time.  Winner!

Green smoothie

Breakfast was chocolate chia champorado (basically oatmeal cooked with almond milk & cocoa powder, and slightly sweetened with maple syrup- it’s my take on the traditional Filipino version made with condensed milk, tablea chocolate, and lots of sugar.)  I topped mine with fresh mango, walnuts, & more almond milk.

Chocolate chia champorado with mango

I’ve added an endurance-focussed cardio class to my weekly training sessions, and today was the first one.  My bootcamp classes are highly dynamic & intense, focussing on muscular strength & endurance, while building anaerobic capacity.  My new class is a lower-intensity, steady-pace class meant to build… well… cardiovascular endurance.  And it felt hard today.  I haven’t gone at steady pace for awhile!  But it also felt great and I’m so glad to add this class to the weekly schedule.

Fruit slices

After the workout I was in a rush to get to my Bible study on time, but I was also starving.  So I slammed down some fruit and a couple of the raw bars that I brought back from London.

Chocolate coconut raw bars

Normally I eat lunch all by my lonesome, but today I got lucky because Mark was home due to the APEC convention in Manila.  Traffic was snarled by road closures so he decided to play it smart & stay off them.  Too bad the kiddos did not have that choice!  They may be playing hooky tomorrow… Shhh…

Tofu "egg" salad on rye, hummus, veggies

So I had tofu “no-egg” salad on German rye bread, with some veggies & hummus, & Mark had leftover baked pasta from the other night.  We did share the hummus though, just in case it seems unfriendly to eat separate things whilst eating together!

Banana oat cookie

While I worked in the kitchen during the afternoon, I got “hungry”… not really hungry, but I’d just made my banana oat cookies, and they are just the best straight out of the oven.  Cook’s prerogative!

Malaysian tofu, green beans

Dinner was so yum!  I revised an old recipe for Malaysian “Butter Chicken”- a spicy chicken dish cooked in butter, spices, & tomato sauce, then tempered with coconut milk.  It is just beyond delicious, but pretty heavy.  So I turned it into “No-butter Malaysian Tofu,” and I have to say I liked it just as much if not better.  And it’s 1000x lighter! You’ll be getting the recipe soon!

Strawberries, grapes, dragonfruit

We finished off with some fruit and a slice of my ugliest but most delicious pumpkin pie ever.  Here’s a picture of it whole because it was not pretty when it came out of the plate.

Vegan pumpkin pie

I thought about conveniently “forgetting” I ate it… but would I lie to you??

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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