Tips for Staying Fit on Holiday

Handstand on Sunset beach wall

Hi friends, what are your best tips for staying fit while on holiday?  Spring Break is right around the corner for us, and I’ve been thinking about how holidays break up your routine, for better and for worse.  While they provide a much-needed break in every way, taking too long of a hiatus from your fitness routine (healthy diet, regular workouts) can make it harder to come back to those good habits.

So how can you maintain your fitness while on holiday, and still enjoy, and be refreshed by, your time away?  The following 5 strategies work for me:…

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Confessions of a Dietitian Momma

Some of you may be under the balmy impression that because I’m a dietitian, my children also tow the line of embrace the near-vegan, low-sugar, no-processed-foods diet that characterizes my lifestyle.  So let me describe a conversation that occurred at my dinner table a few nights ago…

Kids: “Oh I remember string cheese as such a childhood food…”

“And Cheerios out of those little wooden bowls…”

“I know, those bowls were so cute.  And remember ‘Go-Gurt’?”

Me: “Wait… WHAT??!  ‘Go-Gurt’???  Tell me when I ever bought you guys ‘Go-Gurt.'”

Kids: “You used to buy it for us all the time, Momma.  You know, in those little tubes?  We would freeze it and then suck it out as it thawed.  It was so fun.”

Me: “Maybe that was before my health revolution.”

Kids: “Obviously.”

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Weekend Musings

Strawberry chia overnight oat parfait

I was just thinking the other day how long it’s been since I’ve had a cold… or any illness, really, and I felt inwardly smug.  I prided myself on how my super-healthy eating and workout routines obviously keep my immune system impervious to germs.


I’m sitting here this morning with my face completely blocked up with you-know-what, because you know what??  I occasionally need reminders that I can’t control everything with my (sometimes-over-) disciplined lifestyle.  And as much as I hate a cold, I appreciate these little reminders, …

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What I Ate Wednesday [Taming the Hunger Beast]

It started out, as Katniss Everdeen would put it, as “a hollow day… a day where no matter what you put in your belly, it’s never enough.” (The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, Scholastic Limited, 2008.)

Green smoothie

Banana oat cookie with strawberry cashew cream & fresh strawberries

I had my green smoothie, as usual, but instead of a plain banana oat cookie (the usual,) I topped it with my new fave- strawberry cashew cream- yes folks, it is sooo good! and fresh strawberries.  Don’t you love how it goes with my cute little plate?  Too adorable for words, right??

Speaking of adorable, aren't Turbo & Askal so cute together???

Speaking of adorable, aren’t Turbo & Askal so cute together??? My friend rescued Askal & he is doing great

This should have been enough to hold me over through my walk and endurance class, but it wasn’t.  I was so ravenous by the time class was over that I inhaled an apple cinnamon almond meal muffin before I remembered …

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Weekend Favorites

Sometimes I know you worry about me… you know, spending all my time either working out, or by myself in the kitchen, slaving away over my latest recipe, then taking a million pictures to get 5 good ones for the blog.  Rest assured, dear friends, this is not the case!  In fact sometimes I scramble to get my posts done “on time” simply because sometimes life interrupts blog… in the best way possible….

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Year in Review for The Expat Dietitian(.com)

Logo Web

Hello friends!  I have to admit I feel kind of weird writing a “Year in Review” post, given my baby blog wasn’t born until nearly halfway through the year!  But I have to give credit to all the exciting things that have happened in my little corner of this crazy online world, so let’s take a look at what 2015 held for The Expat Dietitian(.com), shall we?

May 4, 2015: I hit “Publish” for the first time on a post originally titled “On Getting Started Already,” and my adrenaline went through the roof!  And not too surprisingly, this remains my most popular post.  Thanks, folks!  All of your loving and supportive comments gave me so much encouragement!  It’s a great recipe too.

# 1 Banana Oat Cookies

Banana oat cookies

June: over half of you subscribed this month (probably due to the fact that I figured out how to put up the subscription box!)  Thanks for that!  Seeing all of these subscriptions come in made me feel so connected and that you really cared what I was doing over here….

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My Christmas Thanks to You

Advent at Union Church Manila

Hello lovely readers!

It’s “Christmas Eve Eve” and amazingly, I’m not up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper and last-minute cookie baking.  Maybe that will be tomorrow…

But today, I have a quiet moment and I want to just reflect on these last 8 months of blogging and say a big THANK YOU!!!  I had no idea what I was getting into when I nervously hit that “Publish” button on May 4 earlier this year with my Banana Oat Cookies.  I wasn’t sure I would get any response at all, especially with those um, less than stellar pix, but I did and I was overwhelmed by your love & support.  I’m grateful for each and every one of you amazing people!

My readership is now (slightly) more than just my father, my aunts, and my cousins (I do have a big family though!) and it’s heart-warming to know that you’re interested in what I’m saying and what I’m cooking.  I can’t thank you enough for caring.  To know that you open my emails and read my posts… well, I could say that I only do this blog for myself, but that would be a lie.  I do it because I know that you’re there on the other side of the screen.  And to know I have such caring and devoted readers makes me just want to post better and better goodies for you.  I’m not sure you realise how very much I adore you all.  You have inspired me to go further with this baby blog than I ever thought possible, and it’s only gonna get better in 2016, I promise.  I have so many ideas for you, so many new recipes to give you, so many workouts to do together.  I just can’t wait!!

But meanwhile, enjoy the holidays with your family.  Eat everything not in moderation, ha ha.  Feel the wonder that is the coming of the Christ child.  That is the reason we celebrate.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


The Waterfall

Hammock at Sunset resort, Puerto GaleraSome things are not meant to be…

Last Saturday my family piled into the car and drove to the airport for a multi-family vacation to Bohol.  I planned on having fun with family & friends and posting an awesome beach bootcamp workout- since nearly half of my early morning class would be there at the resort as well!

But alas, this was not to be……

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What I Ate and Asia Health Summit 2015

Asia Health Summit

What an exciting week it’s been!

I’m late with my “What I Ate” post because I’ve been preparing for my presentation at the 2015 Asia Health Summit, an Asia CEO Forum event, at which I was honored to be a speaker for the 2nd year in a row.  Presented by Healthway Medical, this all-day conference features physicians, health insurers, corporate wellness specialists, the Philippines Olympic Athletic Trainer, and other prominent health professionals.

Asia Health Summit

During the panel discussion…

And me.  How cool is that?

Morning coffee & quiet time...

Morning coffee & quiet time…

The theme of this year’s conference was: “Next Generation Preventive Health,” and I addressed it in my presentation by pointing out 5 steps we can take to move towards better health through better nutrition.  Wanna hear?

Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, cucumber, mint, frozen pineapple & almond milk

Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, cucumber, mint, frozen pineapple & almond milk

Step 1. Ditch the Sugar: refined white sugar comes in just about every processed food product you can imagine, from the obvious soda, to yogurt and ketchup and instant oatmeal and bread.  …

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