My New Favourite Green Smoothie

Hello friends! This beautiful green smoothie will refresh & replenish you, no matter how blistering it is outside. It’s getting hot, hot HOT here in Manila, although I see from my weather app that it’s still blessedly cool in some parts of the world.  It’s not like we really have Spring here.  It pretty much goes straight from “warm but tolerable” to “super hot” in a matter of days.  None of this “April showers” business… we save the rainstorms for July.  And call them typhoons.

But I digress.  In heat like this, I find myself  needing to have something cold & refreshing after our “even my shins are sweating” bootcamp workouts.  …

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What I Ate Wednesday

It all started with a green smoothie…

Green smoothie

You’d think I would get tired of this, but I don’t.  I actually miss it when I don’t have it.  To remind you what’s in it: a huge handful of fresh spinach leaves, 1 or 2 chunks of cucumber, 1/2 a fresh orange, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup frozen pineapple, and a few sprigs of mint.  This makes 2 big servings.

Banana oat cookie & apple slices

I also had a banana oat cookie smeared with a little almond butter, and some apple slices.

At bootcamp today we did the Ladder workout.  In 45 minutes we did 75 pushups, 119 squats, 94 standing rows, & 75 burpees… it sounds kind of demoralising, but it’s not!  I mean, we didn’t exactly know our totals before we started… but each set progressively has more reps, up to a maximum number, then you work your way back down to the beginning set which only has a few reps.  It’s an effective way to build muscular endurance….

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What I Ate Wednesday

Lately I’ve been waking up early… I mean super early.

Like when I wake up after 4:30 I feel like I “slept in.”  Is this a hormonal thing or something??  It’s not like I set my alarm, I just open my eyes feeling like it should be 6am or some more reasonable hour.  And while sometimes it’s handy, for example being functional and even happy as I wake the kids up for school at 5:30, it’s not so great at the other end of the day.  Staying awake past 9:15pm calls for truly extraordinary measures.

No wonder I eat 15 times before noon!

Or so it seems……

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My Favourite Green Smoothie

Happy Saturday, folks!

I realize I’ve gone on and on about “my favourite green smoothie” without ever telling you either why I drink it, or how to make it.  And that’s just wrong!!

Spinach & pineapple smoothie

I jumped on the green smoothie train about a year ago, late as usual… But I like to think I’ve made up in green smoothie frequency what I’ve lacked in longevity.

Don't forget the fresh mint, it adds a bright pop of flavour!

Don’t forget the fresh mint, it adds a bright pop of flavour!

This particular smoothie is distinctly non-hearty, so if you are looking for a full-on breakfast replacement, this is not your ticket.  Nope, this baby is light, frosty, high in carb and low in fat and protein, and will empty from your stomach in no time flat.  Perfect for a pre-workout breakfast or snack!  …

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What I Ate Wednesday- One of Those Hungry Days

Some days are hungrier than others… and yesterday was one of those days.

Green smoothie

Peanut butter banana almond meal muffin









Breakfast #1 was my favourite green smoothie (spinach, cucumbers, fresh mint, homemade almond milk, & frozen pineapple) plus a peanut butter banana almond meal muffin.  I made these from the almond pulp leftover from my almond milk-this pulp is so delish- soft, moist, and vanilla-scented.  It would be a crime not to use it!  It is also somewhat of a crime that I made these muffins without writing down the recipe, but I am bad to do that……

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What I Ate With Jet Lag

Mabuhay!!  I’ve been back for less than 48 hours and I realise I should have just called this post “Eat-Sleep-Repeat”…

I can’t seem to stay awake more than 4 hours at a time, nor can I seem to stay asleep either.  I’m sure those of you travelling between North America (or Europe) and Asia can relate.

There are certainly steps one can take to minimise jet lag, such as spending time in the sunshine, staying awake as long as possible during the day, not giving in to the almost crushing desire to take a nap at 4pm (that will undoubtedly result in sleeping until 10pm & prolonging your misery), and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Did I do any of these things?  Not yet… …

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