What I Eat to Gain Muscle

As my aunt recently commented, “I don’t see how you have time to do anything but train… and EAT!”  And after seeing everything I eat in a day, you’ll probably agree!!

Breakfast: zucchini oats with almond butter and pineapple, protein smoothie with spinach & frozen mixed berries

Breakfast: zucchini oats with almond butter and pineapple, protein smoothie with spinach & frozen mixed berries

I’ve always had a ridiculously easy time gaining weight… until I started trying to gain muscle. (Let’s be clear… no one tries to gain fat, it just happens… right??)  In the 12 weeks of my training program thus far, I’ve gained…

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What I Ate Wednesday

Hello folks… welcome back to “What I Ate Wednesday!”  I haven’t posted this feature regularly for awhile, but I figured I’d start up again, not only to keep you informed about my training progress, but also to reiterate how much I DON’T do detox (it being January, the month for detox and all…) because I believe that every day is just another chance to nourish your body with wholesome, healthy foods….

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My Bodybuilding Diet

Most of what you see in the media (Pinterest, online search, “personal testimonials”, etc.) about bodybuilding diets is nothing but plain oatmeal, egg whites, skinless chicken breast, protein shakes, and broccoli.  Plain, plain, PLAIN!!!  So boring.

And I thought to myself… NO WAY.   No fruits??  No banana oat cookies??  No green smoothies?  No CHOCOLATE?? And everyone knows I can’t live without…

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What I Ate Wednesday

Dragonfruit & broccoli leaf smoothie

It started out just like any other day…

WAIT!!!  NO IT DIDN’T!!! Because I didn’t have a green smoothie OR a banana oat cookie!!!  Hold the phone… first my recipe thingamajig is having problems, and then I didn’t have my beloved tried-and-true-breakfast.  Well, if the world is turning upside down, I might as well branch out with my breakfast, hey?…

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What I Ate Before I Left for Ireland

Yes, you read that right… I’m going to IRELAND!!!  And I’m a little bit excited about it!

My sweet Sara and I are going to join my family there to remember and celebrate the life of my cousin, Adam, who was an amazing young man who spread joy wherever he went.  He walked through life with a genuine smile, a listening ear, and an inclusive way about him that just made you feel better after being with him.  I miss him.  It’s just right to celebrate such a beautiful, spirited man in a beautiful, spirited country like Ireland.  It’s what he wanted, and who are we to disagree?

Beet apple turmeric smoothie

So I departed from my usual green smoothie to this… …

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What I Ate at The Farm

Flower arrangement at The Farm

You wouldn’t think a 95% vegan would come away from a 24-hour stay at The Farm feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalised as I did… but I did!! The Farm at San Benito is a spa resort about an hour and a half south of Manila, and their mantra is “Nurture Yourself from Within.”  They specialise in world class spa treatments… and their restaurant serves vegan food, most of which is grown in their own organic gardens.  Mark and I spent the weekend there to celebrate our anniversary.

Veggie Spring Rolls with almond sauce

We were surrounded by beauty & tranquility our entire stay, and the beautiful food only enhanced our experience.  After check-in, we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch in their open-air restaurant.  We shared an appetiser of fresh spring rolls…

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What I Ate Wednesday

Hello friends, we’re back in the groove… of school, bootcamp, life!!  It feels good.


Waking up at 4:30 doesn’t feel too good, though, but that’s what it takes for me to get myself together and have coffee & quiet time before getting the kids up at 5.  It’s early!  But I try not to complain, and the coffee & quiet time helps.

Pumpkin banana oat cookies

I’m back to my beloved banana oat cookies for breakfast… I missed these guys soooo much over the summer!…

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What I Ate (and did!) in Austin

Fish tacos

Howdy, y’all!  I’m in Texas, so this greeting just comes naturally.  I’ve been away from the blog for awhile, because we’ve  been visiting friends and family, and I have to say, my baby nephew is so completely adorable and charming that I haven’t sat down at my computer one single time.  And I’m not even sorry!  Babies grow up too fast…  …

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What I Ate in Steamboat

The house at Little Creek

There are few places on earth I love as much as Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The fresh air, the wildflowers, the crisp, cool mornings… plus, my aunt & uncle live here and we always have a fabulous time when we visit!

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This gorgeous view is my reward for making it to the top of the hill where I walk every morning… nice, huh?  Sometimes I even get to see hot air balloons on their way up from the valley!…

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What I Ate Before I Left

Usually, the day before I depart for “home leave” (the kids’ & my 6-week summer vacation in the US,) I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, eat whatever falls out of the fridge, don’t work out, and stay up way too late doing last-minute things.  This year has been different for some reason.  Maybe I’m finally grown-up enough to realise it’s not great to get on the plane already exhausted before a 28-hour trip…

Red lady papaya

So today I woke up when it was already light outside, which is pretty amazing in itself!  I had my usual coffee but NO banana oat cookie!  I promise you I haven’t abandoned them… …

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