Vegan GF Thumbprint Cookies

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These vegan and naturally gluten-green thumbprint cookies are the perfect treat for Christmas Eve, to sustain you as you wrap up preparations for your Christmas celebration.

Advent always passes by very quickly for me, and I’m usually caught up in the throes of shopping, wrapping, baking, making lists, and panicking a bit over everything I haven’t done.  I think this is common for many women, moms especially, as we try to create the perfect Christmas for everyone.  No wonder I used to feel so drug out on Christmas morning!

But this year has been different.  This year I’ve been deeply impressed in my heart that God long ago already created the perfect Christmas for all of us. He sent His Son as a baby in a manger.  And that is the good news of peace and salvation for all people.  This is Christmas, my friends.

Nothing I do can add or take away from that, and to try is pretty laughable.  This thought gives me so much relief I actually could laugh!  Taking the pressure off myself to “create the perfect Christmas” is all I need to just relax, enjoy the preparations, and let some (or a lot of!) things go.

Which means we didn’t start baking on December 8 like my mother used to.  Which means all the Santa cookies are gone already & I have no idea what we’re going to leave out for him tonight.  Which means I’ll still do some baking today, Christmas Eve, but only because I want to, not because I feel like I have to or someone’s expectations won’t be met.

It’s been more of a mindset for me than anything, and a very relieving one.  I hope these thoughts bring you some relief as well as you make your final preparations.

One thing I did make this year are these thumbprint cookies.  It’s my Ma’s recipe and I didn’t change it at all… she was pretty much vegan & gluten-free in her baking long before it was a thing. Most cookies don’t tempt me too much, but I love these… they’re made with nothing but ground nuts (pecans or almonds are the best), maple syrup, & unsweetened coconut.  After they’re baked you just pop some of your favourite jam into the centre.  They’re so easy and delicious.  No wonder Ma liked them so much… a one-step Christmas cookie that required no chilling or rolling!  Ha ha, such a smart woman.

Even if you have a bunch of other stuff to do today, you might consider tossing it aside & making up a quick batch of these cute little cookies.  It will remind you to slow down and remember that you don’t have to create the perfect anything… it’s already been created by the One who does it best.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of the REAL reason of Christmas. I hope you will enjoy a relaxed day of love with your precious family.
    We love you!

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