My Unplanned Hiatus

Hello friends, long time no blog!  It’s been over 2 weeks since I last posted… it seems like forever!!  I even planned ahead for this time period by creating recipes, doing photo shoots, editing pictures, etc.  I have recipes in my laptop cookbook and a stock of beautiful photos ready to go in my Media file, for heaven’s sake!  But then… I just didn’t!!…

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Vancouver Treasures

The view from our apartment's veranda

The view from our apartment’s veranda

Well folks, I’m back from my trip to Vancouver!  And as promised, I did not do one single pushup.

Nor did I do one single blog post!  I left with what I thought were reasonable aspirations to do a fun “what I ate” post, or a little fitness post… or something! But you know what?  It just didn’t happen, because… well, vacation! 

I’ll be honest, I often feel an unreasonable urge towards productivity, even on vacation. …

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The Waterfall

Hammock at Sunset resort, Puerto GaleraSome things are not meant to be…

Last Saturday my family piled into the car and drove to the airport for a multi-family vacation to Bohol.  I planned on having fun with family & friends and posting an awesome beach bootcamp workout- since nearly half of my early morning class would be there at the resort as well!

But alas, this was not to be……

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