Body-blasting Bootcamp


Plie squat to bicep curlAnyone still alive in this Manila heat??  In our bootcamp classes, we’re tending to run & jump rope less, and just let the heat index do our cardio work for us.  It’s true, when the temperatures soar, especially in the face of  high humidity, your body has to fight hard to stay cool during exercise.  Obviously, that means it takes less overall work to generate the same heart rate than in cooler temps.  This might be discouraging, except for the good news that you’re burning the same number of calories even considering this reduction in work output.  Phew!…

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Full-Body Bootcamp

Full-body bootcamp

Happy Friday, folks!  It’s been awhile since I posted a workout for you, and this one’s a keeper…

I don’t normally get sore from my bootcamp workouts anymore, but I did from this one.  Maybe it was the workout… or maybe the 2-week Christmas break???  But whatever!  I intentionally paired up 2 exercises that fatigue the same muscle group (for example, pushups followed by overhead press,) and it really worked.  There are only 5 pairings (10 exercises total,) 3 for the lower body and 2 for the upper, and I found it to be a very efficient full-body workout that you can complete in 40-45 minutes including warm-up and cool-down….

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