Raspberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

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Hello friends! This raspberry protein smoothie bowl will fill you up with sweet summer berries and the staying power of protein, no matter where you live.

When I arrived in the US on June 13, I vowed to eat berries of some sort every day of my 6 week home leave.  And so far I’ve held true to that promise.  It’s just so eeeaasy here!!!  Grocery stores are full of sweet, luscious raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries… and every other week some variety will go on sale.  How can I resist??  I don’t.  And even when they’re not on sale, I buy them anyway, because in Manila, if ever you see a fresh raspberry, it’s gonna cost you about p100 (2USD) per berry.  So I feel kind of justified in my berry consumption for these few weeks I’m stateside.

But don’t worry if you don’t live in the land o’ berries!  You can still make this beautiful smoothie bowl using frozen raspberries instead.  I did it once just to be sure, and it was just as fab as using fresh.  And maybe even a bit thicker too…

You can whip this up in your blender in about 20 seconds (ok, 40 if you use frozen berries), so it’s the perfect thing to make anytime you’re craving something sweet & fruity.  I usually have it after my workout because it has a good mix of protein (from the Greek yogurt & protein powder) and carbs (from the raspberries & bananas and whatever toppings I happen to add.)  Plus it’s just downright refreshing & delicious!  I threw in some beet powder as well… not only does it amp up the bright red colour, but beets can also help reduce blood pressure and enhance athletic endurance.  If you can’t find beet powder, just toss in some chopped cooked beet.

As for toppings, I love the flavour combo of berries, chocolate, & coconut, so I used cacao nibs & unsweetened coconut flakes, along with some blackberries & walnuts.  Other great choices would be almond butter, strawberries, or chunks of dark chocolate.

Have fun with this one, folks, and enjoy summer!  I will… I have 24 days left to eat berries…

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