French Potato Soup

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French Potato Soup

This is the soup that sustained me throughout my illness in the past 2 weeks.  I might even give it some credit for helping me get better… it’s that good!

I actually got the inspiration for this soup as I watched Turbo’s homemade potato-rice-carrot food cool on the counter.  Yes, he is spoiled… but admittedly, there was some question of food allergy with him and that gluten-free dog food was just too expensive not to “stretch” with some homemade concoction of our own.  He’s now healthy and lush-coated (it wasn’t the food after all but the floor cleaner!)… but why mess with a  good thing?  So we continue to make part of his food every week, and I have to say, I’m sort of jealous every time I inhale that potato-ey aroma.

French Potato Soup

So anyway, this soup…

It’s possibly the perfect comfort food, kind of like mashed potatoes, only with carrot and onion and savoury French herbs.  And also, you eat it with a spoon, and I’m pretty sure all comfort foods are eaten with a spoon.

herbs de Provence

What are “Herbs de Provence” anyway??  They are a beautiful blend of dried herbs typical of the Provence region of southeast France.  This blend usually includes savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and oregano, and sometimes lavender. If you can’t find this specific blend, just use equal amounts of all of the above that you currently have in your spice rack.

French Potato Soup

When I made this soup during my illness, I added blended cashews to bump up the protein content.  However, it’s not necessary, and I’m pretty sure the French would scorn the idea of adulterating a simple potato soup this way.  If you’re not a fan, just leave them out and mash your soup a little more with a potato masher.

Likewise, I used homemade chicken broth… so flavourful!  But if you want your soup to be totally vegan, use vegetable broth instead.

French Potato Soup

This soup comes together in less than half an hour, depending on how small you cut your potatoes.  That’s good news if you have low energy… or are in a rush to make dinner… or need a quick lunch… or just don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen but want a totally delicious, comforting meal that will make your hair luscious and thick!  Just kidding!

French Potato Soup

But make this soup anyway.  You won’t regret it.



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  1. I am just loving all your recipes Bex! Thank you! 🙂 my husband loves soup so we’re making this for the weekend!

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