Fitness Friday- Body Part Bootcamp

Dumbbell Squat (starting position)

Hi folks! Wanna have fun with a little body-part bootcamp we did in class last week?

It focusses on one major muscle group at a time:

  1. The “PUSH” muscles: chest, shoulders, and triceps
  2. The “PULL” muscles: lats, rhomboids, and biceps
  3. LEGS (There are technically PUSH and PULL muscles in the legs as well, but for an outdoor bootcamp without machines, it’s better to not try to isolate the muscles of the legs… we’ll just do ’em all together.)

The benefit of separating muscle groups is that you do all the “push” exercises together, then legs, then all the “pull” exercises.  By doing this, you fatigue the whole muscle group at once… so the fatigue happens sooner and more thoroughly than if you alternate a chest exercise, then back, then legs, then abs, etc.  The bottom line is that you’ll build more strength and muscular endurance by grouping your body parts together.  It’s an efficient way to work out!

To keep your heart rate up, I’ve included a cardio exercise in each grouping that still emphasizes the muscle group in focus.

Wanna try?  This workout will take you about 40 minutes including warm-up and cool-down.

Body-part bootcamp

Pushups (you can start from your knees or your toes):
Pushup (starting position- toes)Pushup






Mountain climbers (cardio emphasis… do these quickly without touching your top foot):

Cardio/ab Mountain Climber

Cardio/ab Mountain Climber






Dumbbell squats (you don’t have to go down so far, but make sure your knees stay behind your toes, and keep your weight centered over your heels):

Dumbbell Squat (starting position)

Dumbbell Squat









Squat jumps (obviously, you’ve gotta jump, even though my pic didn’t catch it!):

Squat Jump

Squat Jump









Alternating reverse lunges (step backwards, not forwards, keeping your weight in your front heel):

Reverse Alternating Lunge

Reverse Alternating Lunge









Standing V-grip rows (make sure to keep a little arch in your low back and knees a bit bend):

Standing Row (V-grip)

Standing Row (V-grip)









Jump rope:

Jump Rope









Superman (keep your feet on the ground & turn your palms away from you):

Superman (starting position)Superman (ending position)






Let me know if you try this workout and how it goes.  Happy Friday, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday- Body Part Bootcamp”

  1. This all looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to try out this workout. I feel educated as well as inspired to get fit and healthy!! The step by step pictures are good to check posture and technique! This is so brilliant and I am so proud of you Bex! I am excited to be a part of this, even though I am living in a different country. You continue to be an inspiration to so many. Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Thank you!

    1. Jo, thank you for this sweet & thoughtful comment… you’ve made my day! 🙂 I’m soooo glad you were a part of bootcamp for so long, & I miss you!! I do hope these exercises & the pix are really useful- I want fitness to be fun & accessible for everyone… 🙂 xoxo

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