Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

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Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

Some things are annoying, and beyond our control.  For example:

  1. Traffic: in Manila we don’t say “traffic jams,” just “traffic,” and everyone just nods their head…
  2. People who say mean things…
  3. And blogs that break themselves even though you haven’t changed anything.

Yes, #3 happened to me, and is still happening!!  My recipe thingamajig just up and turned on me… broke itself!… I’m sure all of you readers over 40 can understand how this kind of thing happens.  And all of you under 40, come over and help me fix it, for cryin’ out loud!!  Kidding.  I’m working with my behind-the-scenes team to resolve it… but meanwhile, you’ll just be getting the recipes directly in the text.

Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

Things I can control…

  1. How I react to said above situations…
  2. Coming up with productive solutions to said above situations…
  3. And mixing chocolate and coconut oil together, chilling it for half an hour, and having it making fudge every time.  Like this chocolate chia freezer fudge.

Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

Call me an escapist, but right now I’m liking #3 the best.  Did you ever see Julie & Julia, where when Julie’s had a bad day at work, she consoles herself by going home to whip up a chocolate cream pie, because it’s a sure thing?  This freezer fudge is the same sure thing.  Only easier.  Faster.  And way healthier.  But with the same chocolatey satisfaction.

Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

This recipe was inspired by Robyn Patton, holistic life coach & foodie extraordinaire.  All you have to do is mix together 8 simple ingredients, pour it into a parchment-lined loaf tin, and freeze it for about 30 minutes.  It probably took me longer to type this than it’ll take you to make it.  It’s made with cocoa powder, coconut oil, almond butter (any nut butter works- or sunflower butter for the nut-free,) maple syrup, chia & flax seeds, & add-ins like coconut and pecans.  As are all my favourite recipes, it’s very flexible in terms of what you add or not.

Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

What I really love about this fudge (other than how fast it is to make, duh) is that it’s not overly sweet, and super filling thanks to the fiber from the flax & chia seeds, so you’re actually satisfied after a piece or two.  No.  Stop laughing.  It’s true, trust me…

Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge

Try it, it’s the perfect little snack to keep in the freezer for those times.  And it always works.  Thank you, fudge, you made my day.

Recipe inspired by Robyn Patton, Holistic Life Coach

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chia Freezer Fudge”

  1. Morag forster

    These look delicious! Can honey be used as a replacement for the maple syrup? We always have lots of honey as my folks keep bees! Would it just be the same measurements? Xxx

    1. Ah, thanks, Morag! They are sooo easy too!! Always keep a batch in my freezer. Yup, you can certainly sub honey for the maple syrup… use the same amount. Enjoy!! Miss you… xoxo

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