What I Ate Wednesday- Carb Refeed

Hello friends!  First of all, thank you so much for your support and kind comments on my latest post on getting (and being!) super-lean.  Your words are golden to me!

My calories and carbs have never been so low during a competition prep, and I’ve been feeling the effects… fatigue, flat-looking muscles, and significant loss of strength during training.  And early this week my weight was hovering right around my stage weight, putting me about a week and a half ahead of schedule.  Woo hoo!

All this led my coach to call for a “carb refeed”- basically one day of significantly increasing carbohydrate intake to pump up my muscles, give me some mental & physical energy, and regulate my hormones such as cortisol, gherlin and leptin to help me combat the ongoing effects of dieting.

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What I Ate Wednesday- Maintenance Calories

Don’t you love my “beer” glass??

Hello friends!  The last time I showed you what I was eating, I was just a week or two away from my bodybuilding show, and definitely in the last phase of “cutting.”  Although my calories never dropped very low (1800 was the lowest I ever went), I found myself often sleepy and out of energy due to the deficit.  But by the time I stepped on stage, I was at the level of condition necessary to be competitive….

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What I Ate Wednesday

Dragonfruit & broccoli leaf smoothie

It started out just like any other day…

WAIT!!!  NO IT DIDN’T!!! Because I didn’t have a green smoothie OR a banana oat cookie!!!  Hold the phone… first my recipe thingamajig is having problems, and then I didn’t have my beloved tried-and-true-breakfast.  Well, if the world is turning upside down, I might as well branch out with my breakfast, hey?…

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What I Ate Wednesday

I woke up at 2:37 this morning… hungry.


I ate what I considered an almost-literal ton of food yesterday.  Take a look!

Puffed kamut with apple, smoothie

Breakfast #1 was the typical high-carb, pre-workout meal, 1 1/2 hours before my two bootcamp sessions: my usual green smoothie, puffed kamut with a little sprinkle of muesli, chopped apple, and soy milk.  I always want to eat a little more at this meal, because dinner was 12 hours ago, but I’ve learned the hard way that going into the workouts with a full stomach is not a good idea… so I restrain myself….

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What I Ate Wednesday- One of Those Hungry Days

Some days are hungrier than others… and yesterday was one of those days.

Green smoothie

Peanut butter banana almond meal muffin









Breakfast #1 was my favourite green smoothie (spinach, cucumbers, fresh mint, homemade almond milk, & frozen pineapple) plus a peanut butter banana almond meal muffin.  I made these from the almond pulp leftover from my almond milk-this pulp is so delish- soft, moist, and vanilla-scented.  It would be a crime not to use it!  It is also somewhat of a crime that I made these muffins without writing down the recipe, but I am bad to do that……

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What I Ate Wednesday


My children are looking forward to home leave as much or more than I am.  But as I recently found out, our eager anticipation is focussed quite differently.

Theda: “I can’t wait to get to the U.S.!”

Sara: “I know!!  Because Pa has GOLDFISH!!”

Tommy: “And Cheetos!!!”

Theda: “And Toaster Strudels!!!”

Yes folks.  These are the kids of  a dietitian, and I won’t fault you for the secret satisfaction that you must feel from knowing that they crave junk food just like normal people’s children.  My kids are not…

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