Workout Wednesday [Getting into a Routine]

My morning playtime!
My morning playtime!

It’s back to school time! We wave our children goodbye at 6:25 am, the day stretching out in front of us… Shops here in Manila typically don’t open until 11… what to do… what to do???

Yes, yes, yes, going back to bed is an option, but by the time I’ve had coffee (and I need it at 4:45 in the morning!), there is no more sleeping for me.  Might as well work out, right?  It fills up at least part of that long morning gap…

My bootcamps started up as well this week… and no matter how much I worked out this summer, there is nothing like getting back to group exercise to kick my motivation into high gear!  (And to make me realise that it’s possible I didn’t push myself quite as hard as I thought I did during my summer workouts!)

Fortunately, I’m not alone…

There is just something about a group workout that is inspiring and energising.  Knowing that your “people” are waiting for you… you will be missed if you don’t show up… the energy will not be the same if you’re not there… and let’s be honest, we all work out harder when someone else is watching!  I can do amazingly more when I’m teaching a class than when I’m just working out on my own.  (And my form is way better too!)

But we’ve found this week that we are needing to build back up slowly, to not push too hard as we get back into our routine.  Several of us spent our summers in cool climates and need to re-acclimate to the heat & humidity of Manila.  Several of us did not exercise as much (or as hard!) as we intended to over the summer… and some of us are fairly new to the dynamic nature of circuit training.  All good reasons to ease into it.

This is the workout we did yesterday.  It was challenging, but not impossible.  Sweaty, but not heat-stroke-inducing.  And it felt so, so good when we were finished, a fabulous way to start the day!  This basic workout uses all your major muscles and keeps your heart rate moderately high throughout, meaning you’ll maximise your calorie burn. To do it, you’ll need a yoga mat, 8-10 pound dumbbells (for rows and bicep curls),  3-5 pound dumbbells (for lateral raises & tricep kickbacks), and a kettle bell.  Do each round 3 times.  Transition between exercises as quickly as possible, without resting, then rest 30 seconds before starting that round again.  You will also do a “cardio break” between each section.  Rest 1-2 minutes at the end of each cardio break, so that you are not completely out of breath by the time you begin the next section.


WARM-UP: run or walk 5-7 minutes, then kettle bell swing x 50

ROUND 1 (DO 3x:)

12 pushups

15 body-weight squats

12 V-grip rows

10 each leg Reverse lunges

45 second plank hold (elbows)

CARDIO BREAK: Run/walk 5 minutes

ROUND 2 (DO 3x:)

12 lateral raises

12 each alternating bicep curls

12 tricep kickbacks

CARDIO BREAK: 10-15 Burpees


Mountain climbers: 30 seconds

Side plank hold: 30 seconds each side

This should take you about 45 minutes.  Let me know if you try it and what you think!

How are you getting back into the swing of things now that school is in session??


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