Vegan Banana Bread

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I’ve been on a banana bread kick lately.  Not only do we always seem to have bananas going soft on our counter (who doesn’t?), but also I’m finding so much more freedom in my diet now that my show is over.  I’m still eating well… plant-based, plenty of veggies, adequate protein to fuel my lifting… but I’m definitely indulging in treats if I want them.  Whereas in the weeks leading up to the show, my diet was pretty strict and I focussed on completely nutrient-dense foods with very few extras.  I didn’t mind, because it’s all part of the cyclic nature of the sport.  I knew “improvement season” would be coming, and with that, plenty of calories and carbs to play with!  So I’m having fun with new recipes again… what a joy!

This banana bread tastes and feels like it’s much higher in fat & sugar than it really is.  I think the key is using really ripe bananas.  Mine were almost black.  I also added pumpkin to boost Vitamin A and give it a bit more fiber… and it’s fall, so why not?  But if want to keep things simple, just add the same amount of extra banana.  I reduced the oil by more than half, and added back some almond butter… this gives the bread a nice velvety texture as well as protein & fiber.  And since my bananas were so sweet, I also reduced the sugar by about half of the original cookbook recipe… I just don’t think banana bread needs a ton of sugar to be delicious.

I wondered as I was making it if the kids would notice these changes from the full-fat, full-sugar recipe we made together last week.  They were at school when I made today’s version, so they won’t taste it till they get home, and they won’t necessarily know… unless someone tells them, or unless they happen to read this blog.  But I did throw in a couple of handfuls of chocolate chips, just to reassure them that I was thinking of them!

And as far as banana bread goes, this is healthy enough to be called breakfast.  And it would be amazing with a big swipe of peanut butter spread across a thick slice… not that I’ve tried this or anything!

Enjoy, friends!



4 thoughts on “Vegan Banana Bread”

  1. I love banana cake/loaf and anything with bananas in…I’m definitely going to try your version Rebecca! Especially with the added chocolate chips!
    I always love seeing how a loaf turns out…and always amazed and love how it’s shaped when sliced for serving always reminds me of Australia!!

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