The Kettle Bell Workout

Kettle Bell Figure 8

Well folks, I was scheduled to give you a “what-I-ate” post, but I had so much fun with this workout, I just had to post it instead!

The more I work out with kettle bells, the more I love them.  It’s a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, but gives you major results in terms of strength, definition, and muscular endurance.  You can start this session with the thought in your head, “Just make it through 10 minutes…” … and then you do the whole workout because you’re in love with the bells.

Kettle bells make you feel powerful.

And they make you powerful.  What could be better??  Kettle bells work every part of your body: quads, glutes, shoulders, forearms, and core… oh that core!!  Without so much realising it, your core stabilises the momentum of the kettle bell and engages every muscle that wraps around your torso.  Work out with kettle bells for 6 weeks or so, and you will definitely notice the difference in your abs.

There are 4 exercises in this workout: the Swing, the Figure 8, the Reverse Lunge Pass, and the Turkish Get-Up.  I started with a 1K jog, then did 2 rounds of the circuit with a 1K run in between.  I finished up with a 1K jog to cool down.  The whole thing took me about 40 minutes.

Kettle bell swing:
Kettle Bell SwingKettle Bell SwingKettle Bell Swing

Notes on the Swing: keep the kettle bell loose in your grip, and let its momentum go, swinging it down between your legs, and up to shoulder height.  Keep your knees behind your toes, and centre your weight in your heels.  As you stand up, push your hips up and forward- this will engage your core and really work your legs.

Figure 8:

KB FIgure 8

KB Figure 8KB Figure 8KB Figure 8KB Figure 8

Notes on the Figure 8: keep your back straight throughout this exercise, and your abs engaged.  Squat up and down, moving the bell around and between your legs in a figure 8, changing directions after 15 circles around each leg.  As always, keep your knees behind your toes as you squat.

Reverse Lunge Pass:

Lunge Pass Under Lunge Pass Under

Notes on the Reverse Lunge Pass: step backwards with one leg, keeping your body upright and passing the bell underneath your legs into your opposite hand.  Come back to centre, then step back with the other leg and pass the bell under again.  This counts as one rep. Don’t worry about getting off balance- totally normal!!

Turkish Get-up:

Turkish Get-up

Turkish Get-upTurkish Get-up

Notes on the Turkish Get-up: lie on your back with a smaller bell in one hand.  Keeping the bell above your shoulder, stand up, shifting your weight forward and engaging your abs.  Lie back down, still keeping the bell above your shoulder.  This is one rep.  Do all the reps on one side, then switch the bell to your other hand and repeat.  Use about 1/3 of the weight you normally use for the swing- it’s totally acceptable to do this with body weight only!

Here’s the progression of the circuit:


WARM UP: 1 K walk/jog/run

50 kettle bell (KB) swings

15 each direction Figure 8

15 each leg Reverse Lunge Pass

10 each arm Turkish Get-up

1 K walk/jog/run


Try it and let me know what you think!

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