Tempeh Sliders with Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Tempeh Slider with Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Do you ever have food nostalgia from what you ate on vacation?  I do.

I sigh over all those US raspberries… blueberries… cherries… Haas avocados… Ezekiel brand English muffins…  tempeh…

WHOA… hold the phone… what the heck is TEMPEH??  I know, right??  I ate it for the first time about 2 years ago, and was put off of it for about a year.  Tempeh is made from cooked & slightly fermented soybeans, and pressed into a cake or patty.  It’s firmer in texture than tofu and has a nutty (and slightly fermented) flavour.  (Maybe this is what put me off the first time… that flavour… I didn’t marinate it at all and you really should.)  But once it’s properly marinated, it’s delicious, and I’d say kind of addictive….

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