Confessions of a Dietitian Momma

Some of you may be under the balmy impression that because I’m a dietitian, my children also tow the line of embrace the near-vegan, low-sugar, no-processed-foods diet that characterizes my lifestyle.  So let me describe a conversation that occurred at my dinner table a few nights ago…

Kids: “Oh I remember string cheese as such a childhood food…”

“And Cheerios out of those little wooden bowls…”

“I know, those bowls were so cute.  And remember ‘Go-Gurt’?”

Me: “Wait… WHAT??!  ‘Go-Gurt’???  Tell me when I ever bought you guys ‘Go-Gurt.'”

Kids: “You used to buy it for us all the time, Momma.  You know, in those little tubes?  We would freeze it and then suck it out as it thawed.  It was so fun.”

Me: “Maybe that was before my health revolution.”

Kids: “Obviously.”

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What I Ate Wednesday


My children are looking forward to home leave as much or more than I am.  But as I recently found out, our eager anticipation is focussed quite differently.

Theda: “I can’t wait to get to the U.S.!”

Sara: “I know!!  Because Pa has GOLDFISH!!”

Tommy: “And Cheetos!!!”

Theda: “And Toaster Strudels!!!”

Yes folks.  These are the kids of  a dietitian, and I won’t fault you for the secret satisfaction that you must feel from knowing that they crave junk food just like normal people’s children.  My kids are not…

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