What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been 90-to-nothin’ for 8 straight days now…

All in a good way though!  And today was no exception.

Morning coffee

But my morning routine doesn’t vary no matter how busy I am- I rely on it to keep me peaceful and walking on solid ground.  If I don’t start my day with prayer and Bible reading, it just doesn’t go right from there.  So I always do…

Banana oat cookie with almond butter, fruit

Even though the kids get to sleep in on Wednesdays, I still get up early, partly to have more quiet time, and partly to eat Breakfast #1 before bootcamp.  Today it was a banana oat cookie with almond butter and a couple slices of fruit.

Green smoothie

And the green smoothie, always a smoothie.  I would definitely say I’m addicted!…

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What I Ate Wednesday

“What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) is a very, very common feature among food bloggers, nutritionists, dietitians, and the like.  Maybe seeing what other people eat appeals to our voyeuristic nature, I don’t know.  Maybe blogsPintrestInstagramFacebookTwitter appeal to our voyeuristic nature… probably more like it.

I like this feature because it gives my readers a realistic picture (literally!) of how I eat, day in, day out.  It’s not perfect by any means (take a look at what I ate on vacation), but in general it’s a pretty consistent plant-based, whole-foods diet, with a little lot of dark chocolate thrown in there for good measure.  Please notice the quantity and frequency of my food intake… I am not starving myself here!!  I get hungry a lot due to all the working out and kids’ activities and whatnot, and, as my family will attest, “Momma is not a good hungry person.”  …

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