Banana Chocolate Chip Snack Bars

It’s autumn in the U.S., and zucchini abounds in gardens, grocery stores, and recipes…  especially snack recipes: zucchini bread, cake, muffins, fritters… the list goes on and on.

But here in Philippines, it’s just typhoon season, and zucchinis are imported and expensive.  So we’re gonna have to make our snack food out of something else.

Banana chocolate chip snack bars

Enter the humble banana: always plentiful, always delicious, and always cheap- the local ones, anyway.  I learned early during my stay in the tropics that there is more than one variety of banana!  In addition to the American Cavendish that I grew up with, I am now privy to several other varieties, including our hardy and local favourite, the “Lacatan.”  These bananas take their time ripening and have a strong, sweet banana flavor.  When they eventually do go brown on the counter (after about a week or more,) they are perfect for mashing and baking up with oats and chocolate chips….

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Black Rice Pecan Burgers with Cilantro-Chili Cashew Cream

Black rice burgers with cilantro-chili cashew cream

Sometimes, accidents happen.

But if you get really lucky, something good will come out out of it.

And according to my Pa, I’m one of the luckiest people he knows, so there you go.

The other day, shortly after I returned from home leave, I was in the kitchen making dinner.  I had a brilliant idea that would not only be delicious, but also use up a languishing ingredient in my refrigerator.  But who knew that phyllo dough does not in fact last 6 months in your fridge???  Well folks, it doesn’t.  I’m not even sure it lasts 2, it was that far gone.

I stood there contemplating.  I wanted to put dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes, and so far all I had going was some local squash roasting in the oven.  I searched the fridge for something non-moldy.  Lo and behold, I came upon the black rice that I had cooked the night before….

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