Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola

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This easy,  yummy (and healthier!) granola will put you back on top of holiday preps no matter where you currently are…

Howdy friends! How did it get to be the middle of December already?! I always have the best of intentions right after Thanksgiving… to not be behind for once on my holiday preparations. Yet somehow by the last week of school, I find myself  stuck somewhere between “Deck the Halls” (not quite done but may be as done as it’s gonna get) and “making the list and checking it twice (I guess I need to actually make the list before I can check it??)

But I can’t feel too bad about where I stand, because I have managed to make a couple batches of this crunchy peanut butter chocolate chip granola! It’s super easy and makes enough to give to everyone on the block and the mailman (because that’s how we do it in Philippines!)… and still have a little left over for that secret Santa at home.  Because I’m telling you, this stuff is deliciously perfect anytime of day or night, and makes a heavenly snack to munch on while curled up on the sofa watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

This granola couldn’t be simpler: just mix your dry ingredients in a bowl (please feel free to tweak the recipe to your liking… use more/less, or different nuts, omit (or add more!)  coconut, throw in some sunflower seeds… just use whatever you have on hand and like!…

… make your syrup (I use peanut butter in the mixture, but almond or cashew butter would also be fab.  And if you’re nut-free, use sunflower seed butter or tahini, and replace the nuts with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.) And if you want to make it vegan, replace the honey with pure maple syrup.

… coat the oat/nut mixture with the warm syrup

… spread in a thin layer on a baking tray

… and bake until golden brown.

Then… the magic part… sprinkle chopped dark chocolate over your warm granola.  And WAIT. Go do some Christmas things.  By the time you come back, you’ll not only be ahead on your to-do list, but the chocolate will have melted into your granola and formed irresistible clumps, breaking up enticingly when you stir in your last remaining ingredients.

Now you can pack it up for the sweetest homemade gift ever!

Or… just pour yourself a nice big bowl of it and enjoy.

Or both.  There’s enough.

Blessed holidays to you, my friends!  Hope you are enjoying every aspect of this Advent season.


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