No-bake Sweet Potato Brownies

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No-bake Sweet Potato Brownie

These no-bake sweet potato brownies have been my best sweet potato discovery since around Thanksgiving 2004… when I discovered (a bit too late for that meal!) that there actually are really great taters here in Philippines!

We had lived here for less than 6 months, and I was newly pregnant with Sara, when we thought it would be a brilliant  idea to invite about 30 people from Mark’s office over for Thanksgiving.  Never mind that my kitchen had exactly one light bulb (I think this number was inversely proportional to the number of resident bugs for a reason) or that my oven held the equivalent of one mini-bake tin at a time.  No, we said, let’s bring on Thanksgiving… the more the merrier!!

And then I couldn’t find canned green beans.  Or the sweet potatoes I was used to.  Or a turkey.


No-bake Sweet Potato Brownie

Well, let’s just suffice it to say that we catered quite a bit of that dinner, our cook stepped in with a big pile of pancit, and the remainder probably left our guests wondering just what we Americans are so thankful for anyway.  But since you asked, I’ll name a few things… 13 subsequent years of grocery experience here, the fact that I no longer rely on canned green beans for anything, and the discovery (shortly after that fateful dinner) of the sweet potatoes I’ve been using ever since: the Philippino camote.

Sweet potatoes (and camote) are on most lists of “superfoods” given their nutrient density… they’re high in complex carbs and fiber, low in calories,  and high in Vitamin A and potassium.  They’re also low on the glycemic index, so they won’t cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar.  Plus they’re downright delicious, and you can make sooo many things with them, like these sweet potato brownies!

No-bake Sweet Potato Brownie

These no-bake brownies are a dream to whip up because all you have to do is toss everything in your food processor (I’ve done it by hand as well), press it into a serving dish, and chill.  Voila!  You’re done!  These guys are super-healthy as well, using no added oil or sugar, so you can feel good about eating them any time of day, even for breakfast.  I up their protein content by adding a bit of vegan protein powder, but if you’re not a fan or don’t keep it, just sub coconut flour & add some sweetener like maple syrup or dates.

No-bake Sweet Potato Brownie

I’ll be honest… I’m kind of addicted to them!  The texture is amazing, like fudge almost.  They call to me from the fridge at least once a day, and I usually answer the call.  You should too!

No-bake Sweet Potato Brownie

4 thoughts on “No-bake Sweet Potato Brownies”

  1. These sound delicious, and made more so for the fact I won’t have to turn on the oven to bake them…we know how hot it will get here in the next few months!
    Will definitely try these!

  2. Love the story, Bec’s. My oven was that way the entire time I was there and no AC in the kitchen. Really hard to accomplish much. I love the kitchen you have now. I can see why you like cooking. Thanks for sharing!

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