Cherry Almond Smoothie

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Fresh Cherries

Don’t you hate it when you’re about to go on vacation and you still have perfectly good food in the fridge? I’m talking about fresh red cherries at their peak of ripeness that you would hate to see “go begging,” as my Pa would say.

It’s almost as bad as making a fabulously delicious, perfectly awesome-tasting smoothie out of said ripe cherries, and then having to admit to yourself that the pictures are stunningly boring.  Sorry folks.  I didn’t decorate the photo shoot because a) I used all the cherries in the smoothie… oops, and b) I was too distracted with packing for my trip to remember I’m supposed to.

But at least my cherries won’t go bad!

Will you believe me that this smoothie is good enough to try, without the gorgeous pictures to prove it??  Sara pronounced it “soooo  good, Mama!!… Can you make it again??”  This is coming from a girl who tries to convince me to put ice cream in every smoothie, and “spray whipped cream” on top, neither of which this one has.

This smoothie is beautiful, easy (only 5 ingredients), and absolutely delicious.  The combination of cherries and almond is fantastic, and the colour… what can I say… you just have to make it to fully appreciate it.

Cherry Almond Smoothie

So please do… (and post a better picture for me please!)

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